A recap of everything that went down with Andrew in Bling Empire on Netflix

Season three has just dropped, and he’s back

At the end of season two of Bling Empire, we were left hanging as Andrew turned up at Anna Shay’s house out of the blue. In season one Andrew was a key member of the cast, and a lot of drama happened. He’s nowhere to be seen in the second season, and now the third has dropped, he’s well and truly back.

Season three picks up right where the previous left off – with Andrew at Anna’s home. So you probably need a bit of a recap of everything that went down, and his significance in the show. I got you. Take a seat, here are the details.

Andrew Gray in season three of Bling Empire on Netflix

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Who is Andrew from Bling Empire?

Andrew Gray is 35, and an actor from California. He’s best known as being the red Power Ranger, yep, remember that fun fact about him? He dated Kelly Mi Li, a main Bling Empire cast member, for five and a half years, before they split.

What happened between Andrew and Kelly?

There was loads of drama between Andrew and Kelly during their relationship, some of which viewers saw first-hand on the show. For example, there was a scene in season one where Kelly was taking a very aggressive phone call from Andrew, whilst she was out shopping with Anna in Paris. Kelly took the call on speakerphone, and Andrew screamed down the phone at her, demanding a yes or no answer to his questioning. If you remember Anna’s iconic line “there ain’t no dick that good” – she was on about Andrew.

Kelly said the Paris incident wasn’t the first time Andrew had treated her this way, and when they fight he normally wanted her to be “stuck in a room with him until we work it out”, sometimes for up to “eight hours”.

Andrew Gray and Kelly Mi Li in season one of Bling Empire on Netflix

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Whilst the show was on, Andrew was accused of being abusive towards Kelly, gaslighting her and love-bombing her. All her friends in the cast repeatedly told her they wanted her to break up with him. In season one, a friend of Kelly’s asked her if she was “single yet” and suggested she got with Kevin instead.

We saw Kelly and Andrew go to couples’ therapy together, but Kelly later decided Andrew should move out of her home, and they shouldn’t even be friends moving forward. During the therapy session, Kelly called their relationship “toxic” and said they had fights that “just don’t stop”.

Speaking about scenes that played out on the show, fellow Bling Empire cast members also had a lot to say about Andrew. In a video, Guy Tang said: “With the Kelly and Andrew situation that’s another story which really surprised me. You should never talk to a woman, or anybody, you should never talk to anybody like that, you know, I was really shook.” Whilst Cherie added: “After watching the show, I didn’t know he was like that.” Anna said: “What I heard in Paris, unbelievable.”

Kelly said she didn’t know what gaslighting meant before episodes of the show went live, so she actually looked it up to see what people meant. She said she saw where the audience was coming from, seeing Andrew on Bling Empire as behaving like that towards her. “They saw a period, a really dark period of our relationship. And with Andrew’s behaviour, I don’t excuse it at all and I think it’s 100 per cent wrong,” she said.

Kelly continued: “After filming we took a good I would say five or six month break where we just focused on ourselves.” After they split up for around six months, the couple briefly got back together with Andrew saying at the time they were “stronger and happier than ever”.

However, in March 2021, Kelly and Andrew called it quits again. Speaking on Instagram, Kelly said: “Over the past five and half years, Andrew and I have shared some incredible times together. I have a tremendous amount of respect and love for him and will always cherish the memories we made. We are both so grateful to have experienced a relationship that allowed us to grow and learn so much.”

Since he was first on the show, Andrew has said he’s taken time out to work on himself and grow as a person. He says in the latest episodes of the show he wants them all to be friends moving forward.

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