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From prison to Bridgerton, here’s where the original cast of Waterloo Road are now

Janeece is thriving as an influencer x

It’s been seven years since the final episode of the iconic BBC school drama aired and I for one have missed it. Nothing beat tuning in back in the day to see what our favourite teachers and pupils of the unbelievably dysfunctional school had been up. From exclusions and affairs to HEARTWRENCHING deaths and teenage pregnancies, Waterloo Road really had it all.

The show took us on an emotional nine year rollercoaster (I still can’t talk about Sambuca’s death) and with a revival coming later this year, here’s what the original Waterloo Road cast have been up to since the school last closed its doors.

Here’s what the original cast of Waterloo Road are doing now:

Grantly Budgen – Phillip Martin Brown

Phillip Martin Brown in the first series of Waterloo Road, via BBC

Let’s start with Waterloo Road’s longest serving teacher Grantly Budgen. Gin-loving English teacher Grantly was played by Phillip Martin Brown in 159 episodes of the show until the character died of kidney failure in series nine. He was grumpy and always seemed to kind of hate teaching but he showed his softer side when it came to looking after his wife Fleur who developed Alzheimer’s and later died.

Phillip Martin Brown is best known for his role in Waterloo Road but has had later acting roles in Coronation Street and The Worst Witch. He currently lives in Kent with his wife and two children.

Siobhan Mailey – Phoebe Dynevor

via Instagram @phoebedynevor

Phoebe appeared in Waterloo Road for 20 episodes at the age of 14 and it was her first on-screen acting role. She played pupil Siobhan who was in the cool girl crowd alongside Lindsay, who was played by Jenna Coleman (she starred in ITV’s Victoria).

Phoebe had huge acting success years later as she went on to star Netflix’s Bridgerton as Daphne. Daphne marries the Duke played by Rege-Jean Page who also appeared in Waterloo Road but as a teacher many years later after the school’s move to Scotland (still don’t really get why they did that tbf).

Phoebe Dynevor behind the scenes of Bridgerton, via Instagram @Bridgertonnetflix

Basically it seems that acting on Waterloo Road can lead to wearing gorgeous costumes and performing very steamy scenes for 82 million households across the world. Who’d have thought it?

Phoebe was also in a relationship with Pete Davidson in 2021 before he went on to date Kim Kardashian – I swear that man is everywhere.

Sambuca Kelly – Holly Kenny

Holly Kenny in series five of Waterloo Road, via BBC

Sambuca Kelly was one of Waterloo Road’s most memorable characters…difficult not to be when you’re named Sambuca. She had a difficult relationship with her mother but is supported throughout the show by English teacher Tom Clarkson. Sambuca tragically died of a brain tumour and her brother Denzil died shortly after in a car crash- the Kelly family really had it rough.

Holly Kenny who played Sambuca appeared in 55 episodes of the show and since acted in Channel 4 period drama The Mill, as well as Doctors and Shameless.

Lewis Seddon – Craig Fitzpatrick

Craig Fitzpatrick in the first series of Waterloo Road, via BBC

Bad boy Lewis Seddon, played by Craig Fitzpatrick, was probably the shows nastiest character and his storylines included bullying, homophobia and harassment leading him to be excluded from school several times. Lewis was later in a relationship with Maxine who was killed by Sambuca’s half-brother Earl Kelly – told you that family had it rough.

In 2008, Craig Fitzpatrick was jailed for six months after failing to show up to probation meetings. He had been given a six month suspended sentence after attacking his heavily pregnant girlfriend, and as part of his supervision order was meant to meet probation officers regularly, but failed to show up to meetings. Magistrate Michael Enderby told him: “You would have known when this suspended prison sentence was imposed that it was your lifeline, your opportunity not to go to prison. You have chosen to ignore that. We choose now to impose that six months in prison.”

In 2020, he was jailed for 18 months for threatening a family with an 18-inch machete while high and drunk. David James, defending, said: “He can’t change the past but he is trying to work towards the future. He has the maturity to accept his wrongdoings.”

The judge said: “I am aware you are an actor. It has been said that you have been unable to fulfil your potential because of other factors, not least your use of alcohol and other substances and propensity to aggression.”

Chlo Grainger – Katie Griffiths

waterloo road original cast now

via Instagram, @kaytgriff

Chlo was definitely one of the OG Waterloo Road gang and her relationship with Donte was iconic. They got married when Chlo turned sixteen and she falls pregnant with a daughter who they name Izzie after Chlo’s murdered mother. Chlo has an affair with her sister’s boyfriend (never a dull moment) but it actually ended up making her and Donte stronger – so lovely!

Katie, who played her, has since has acting roles in Doctors and Casualty and her Instagram shows her travelling and overall living her best life with her partner and dog Pippa.

Katie is going to appear in the new series of Waterloo Road alongside Donte, played by Adam Thomas. I can’t wait to see Chlo and Donte all grown up.

Donte Charles – Adam Thomas

waterloo road original cast now

via Instagram, @adamthomas21

Donte is super supportive of Chlo throughout the whole series even when their relationship is rocky and the pair make a really cute couple. Donte and Chlo move away in series four with their child and that’s the last we hear of the couple…until the revival of course (so excited).

Actor Adam Thomas is of course the brother of Love Island series two runner up Scott Thomas and the two even appeared in their own show together where they travelled around India alongside their other brother. Adam acted on Emmerdale for nine years after leaving Waterloo Road and and was a contestant on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2016. I can still hear the screams whenever he saw a spider.

Adam has two children with his partner; a son named Teddy and a daughter named Elsie. So cute!

Janeece Bryant – Chelsee Healey

via Instagram, @chelseehealey

Janeece was one of the original Waterloo Road kids and she definitely had the biggest heart, even though she was always up to something mischievous. Janeece originally left the show in series four but returned two series later and was pregnant at the time with her daughter Cheryl. She gets a job as the school secretary and is in the show properly until series eight.

Chelsee Healey, who played Janeece in 105 episodes, has probably had the biggest transformations of the whole cast. Since the show ended, she has acted in Casualty and played Goldie McQueen in Hollyoaks. In 2011, Chelsee took part in the ninth series of Strictly Come Dancing and became the first person in her series to score a perfect 40 for her Paso Doble – you go girl.

waterloo road original cast now

Chelsee Healey in the first series of Waterloo Road, via BBC

Nowadays it seems that Chelsee is living her best life as an influencer as her Instagram is full of brand deals and pics of her wearing cool clothes. She also has a super cute daughter called Coco who was born in 2017.

It was reported in 2022 that Chelsee was in talks to return to Waterloo Road for the revival. I hope she does as I’m desperate to know what Janeece has been up to.

Featured image via Instagram @chelseehealey @adamthomas21 @Bridgertonnetflix

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