waterloo road confirmed cast

It’s finally happening! The full Waterloo Road cast list has been announced

Donte and Chlo’s daughter *will* be joining!!!


You’re definitely not dreaming. Waterloo Road will *finally* re-open its school gates later this year, for the first time since 2015.

Let’s be honest, though. That final series cast was honestly so underwhelming, it was definitely time to regroup and refresh. All I can remember is Justin nearly setting fire to the art classroom over a girl who didn’t like him, before getting a new crush an entire episode later.

Old faces make Waterloo Road as iconic as it is – from Bolton Smilie to Barry Barry and beyond. While it looks like the writers won’t be reviving Tom Clarkson from the dead anytime soon (RIP sweet prince), I’m pleased to report many memorable mainstays will be returning to the show.

So, let’s see who the confirmed Waterloo Road cast is so far:

Kim Campbell – Angela Griffin

kim waterloo road cast reboot

Photo via BBC

Safe to say Kim’s the comeback QUEEN, and I’m so excited to see her tackling problematic school kids again. She started life in the original series one cast – which saw her forced to go to court after wrong’un Lewis Seddon made unwanted sexual advances towards her in the cooler.

She came back at the beginning of series four, sparking romances with deputy head Chris Mead and nasty co-headteacher Max Tyler. After having Max’s baby, she finally left for good to raise them as a single parent.

Kim missed out on loads after she left – from Sambuca’s devastating death to the big Scotland move. The new series will see her playing the top job.

Donte Charles – Adam Thomas


Photo via BBC

Donte’s coming back – as a teacher. I’m massively obsessed with this bad-boy-gone-good storyline even if it is a tired old soap trope. Before Bolton held pupils at gunpoint and Barry was done for people trafficking, Donte seemed like the original write-off. He killed his best friend at the end of the first ever episode (!!!) in a drink-driving accident, and was even sent to prison for it.

His relationship with classmate Chlo was the backbone of the entire school – and series three saw them actually getting married. After various affairs and a life-shattering pregnancy, the couple left at the end of series four to raise their baby and study at Manchester Uni.

Er… cute.

Chlo Charles – Katie Griffiths


Photo via BBC

Talk about ill-fated – Chlo’s mum was murdered teacher Izzie Redpath, and her stepdad Tom also died at the end of series eight. As well as her relationship with Donte, she secretly slept with Brett Aspinal, her sister’s boyfriend.

Feeling lost yet?

With Chlo and Donte both returning to the Waterloo Road cast, viewers are wondering whether they’re actually still together.

Nicky Walters – Kym Marsh

kym marsh waterloo road

Photo via Instagram

Corrie’s Kym Marsh will play the mum of pupils Preston and Tonya Walters. As the new dinnerlady, she’ll be stepping in the very iconic shoes of past legends Carole Barry, Candice Smilie and Rose Kelly.

Jo Coffey – Wendy Whitwell

jo coffey

Photo via BBC

Kim Campbell’s PA – Wendy Whitwell – will be played by comedian Jo Coffey. Let’s see if she’s as useless as Janeece and Sonia.

Vincent Jerome – Lindon King

vincent jerome waterloo road cast

Photo via YouTube

US-based actor Vincent Jerome will be joining the Waterloo Road cast as deputy head Lindon King. He’s got a lot to live up to, as previous deputies included the likes of Tom Clarkson and the unstoppable Nikki Boston.

James Baxter – Joe Casey

joe casey james baxter

Photo via BBC

James Baxter will play co-deputy Joe Casey – will tensions rise between the two?

Sonia Ibrahim – Jamilah Omar

sonia ibrahim waterloo road

Photo via YouTube

School social worker Jamilah Omar will be played by Kym Marsh’s Corrie co-star Sonia Ibrahim. With Kim Campbell previously heading up the pastoral care unit, it looks as if the pair might become a dream team.

Shauna Shim – Valerie Chambers

shauna shim

Photo via Instagram

Shauna Shim is no stranger to playing teachers – she’s previously starred in The Worst Witch. But now, she’s stepping into (the even scarier) Waterloo Road as music teacher Valerie Chambers.

Neil Fitzmaurice – Neil Guthrie

neil fitzmaurice waterloo road

Photo via YouTube

Jeff… as in? JEFF?!

Yes, the *actual* Jeff from Peep Show will be joining the Waterloo Road cast as opinionated history teacher, Neil Guthrie.

Rachel Lescovak – Coral Walker

rachel lescovak

Photo via ITV

Soap star Rachel will be playing netball coach and head of English, Coral Walker.

Kat Pearce – Amy Spratt

kat pearce

Photo via YouTube

Three Girls star Kat Pearce will be playing early career teacher Amy Spratt. Let’s see if she’ll be able to handle to shenanigans – or will she cave under pressure?

Ryan Clayton – Mike

waterloo road cast

Photo via ITV

Corrie star Ryan Clayton will be joining the cast as the unknown Mike. Details are vague around his character, but it looks like he might be sharing a lot of screen-time with Kim Campbell. Exciting!!

Adam Abbou – Danny Lewis

adam abbou

Photo via YouTube

When BBC announced a slew of new pupils joining the most famous comp in the UK, Adam Abbou was first on the list. Having previously played Billy Elliot in the UK and Ireland tour, his TV credits include Being Eileen and Time.

Priyasasha Kumari – Samia Choudhry

priyasasha kumari

Photo via Instagram

You Don’t Know Me’s Priyasasha Kumari will be playing pupil Samia Choudhry in the reboot. Priyasasha said on Instagram she was “excited” to star in the show.

Noah Valentine – Preston Walters

noah valentine

Photo via Instagram

19-year-old Noah Valentine will be making his Waterloo Road debut as Preston Walters. He’s previously starred in Coronation Street and Netflix series Creeped Out.

Adam Ali – Kai Sharif

kai sharif

Photo via Instagram

Adam Ali will be joining the cast as Kai Sharif. They previously featured in Apple TV’s Little America as Zain. On being cast in the show, Adam said: “Back to school and this time prouder than ever!”

Francesco Piacentini-Smith – Dean Weever

francesco waterloo road

Photo via YouTube

Francesco will be playing pupil Dean Weever in Waterloo Road. He’s no stranger to a TV drama, having previously starred in shows like Outlander, The Nest and Masters Of The Air.

Liam Scholes – Noel McManus

liam scholes

Photo via Instagram

Liam Scholes already has a ridiculously impressive CV for his age. Having previously starred in Corrie and Peaky Blinders, he’ll be stepping into Waterloo Road as Noel McManus.

Thapelo Ray – Dwayne Jackson

thapelo ray

Photo via BBC

Young singer/actor Thapelo Ray will be making his debut as junior pupil Dwayne Jackson. Thapelo has previously played parts in Doctors and Nativity 3: Dude, Where’s My Donkey?

Inathi Rozani – Zayne Jackson

inathi rozani

Photo via Instagram

Inathi will be joining as Zayne Jackson. You might recognise him from Biff and Chip, but this will be the young actor’s debut drama role.

Scarlett Thomas – Izzie Charles

scarlett thomas

Photo via Instagram

Adam Thomas’ very own niece will be stepping into the role of Izzie Charles; Chlo and Donte’s daughter. After a LOT of speculation, BBC finally confirmed Scarlett Thomas will be joining the show.

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