Inside the life of The Apprentice’s Navid who is millionaire heir and holidays 40 times a year

He has a maid and has been on three other reality TV shows

In the most recent few series, The Apprentice has become like a business Love Island. The cast have drama, fancy Instagram accounts and we become obsessed with every part of their lives. One person who has captured our hearts from The Apprentice 2022 is Navid Sole, who was fired last week. It turns out he’s a millionaire heir and lives the high, high life.

When he was first introduced as part of the latest cast of the show, it was said that he’s a Nicki Minaj super-fan, but that truly was just the tip of the iceberg. Navid reportedly spends £20k a year on holidays, is celeb-obsessed and has a maid, naturally. Here’s a deep dive into his wild life.

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When Navid applied for The Apprentice he was working as a pharmacist

We were introduced to Navid as a 27-year-old Nicki Minaj super-fan. He’s a London-based pharmacist, and was hoping for a £250k investment from Lord Sugar to expand his pharmacy empire. Navid graduated from King’s College London in 2017 with a Master’s degree in pharmacy.

Yes, he really is very celebrity obsessed

Just a quick look on Navid’s Twitter and Instagram and you can see he meant it when he said he’s celebrity obsessed. Alongside his personal accounts, Navid runs Nicki Minaj fan accounts on Instagram and Twitter, where he has a combined following of nearly 400k. He spends thousands on meet and greets, having met Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell, Selena Gomez and countless others – some of which can cost up to £1,000 a time. He’s met his fav, Nicki Minaj, nine times.

Navid has been on reality TV before

A lot about Navid Sole’s life was revealed way before he went on the Apprentice, in 2019 he appeared on Rich Kids Go Skint – where rich people swap lives with people on the breadline. “Life growing up for me was easy, I got everything I wanted,” he said on the show. He had to join London’s Grenfell community as part of the series, and said he had “heart palpitations” when he was asked to sleep on the sofa. When he was shown the kitchen of the house, he said his is much bigger and he has staff at home. “Mine’s slightly bigger and I don’t cook. We’ve got someone who helps out with that stuff. Not even beans on toast,” he said.

In the same year, Navid starred in the second season of BBC’s Eating With My Ex. He also appeared on Judge Rinder where he was in a court battle over his “Versace treasures”.

He is the son of multi-millionaires

Navid’s parents are reportedly multi-millionaires, and from his reality TV appearances it’s clear that much is true. Navid is the heir to their multi-million pound business. Not a lot is known about his upbringing other than that he is reportedly of Parisian and Italian decent. His millionaire lifestyle has meant he has no boundaries with spending. ‘If I see something nice and I like it and need it, I get it,” he said in a previous TV appearance.

He’s a ‘Versace fanatic’

On Rich Kids Go Skint, Navid confessed he is a “Versace fanatic”. He said all of his bedcovers and cushions are designer brands, and he has a walk-in closet to keep all of his designer goods. Navid is said to own one single Versace tracksuit which is worth of £1,000 and has Versace dinner plates worth £2,000. He also shows off other designer brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana on Instagram.

Navid holidays up to 40 times a year and spends thousands

Inside the life of millionaire The Apprentice 2022 candidate Navid Sole

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Talking of his holiday habits on Rich Kids Go Skint, Navid said: “Usually I travel three to four times in a month. The best one I’ve been to is when I went with my parents to Brazil and Argentina. It was roughly £20,000 and we flew in first class and stayed in five-star hotels.” His Insta is packed full of luxury holiday pictures, including him recently travelling first class to Qatar.

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