They’re all trash, so it’s time to vote for the worst boy of Love Island 2022

Luca Bish I am looking firmly at you

Love Island 2022 has been crammed full of some of the downright worst men to ever enter the villa’s doors. The double standards this year are WILD, Luca’s become weirdly possessive over Gemma, Dami’s treated Summer with zero respect, Davide doesn’t deserve queen Ekin-Su, and Billy assumed Gemma fancied him just because she was mildly nice to him. Oh, and Andrew uttered the godawful words “I licked her tit or whatever”, and he deserves to be dumped from the Island purely for that.

So then, all the Love Island 2022 men are absolutely awful. But who’s the king of kings, worst of the worst, downright garbage? At the end of this article you’ll be able to vote for who you think deserves the crown. Let’s get in to it, then:


God, where to even start? People have been saying he’s possessive over Gemma for a while now, but in the past few days it’s really taken a turn, especially after he watched Gemma innocently chatting to Billy at the Mad Movies night. Luca became convinced Gemma had done something wrong and said she’d made him look like a “mug” by “entertaining” Billy flirting, even though she hadn’t done anything to imply she fancies him whatsoever. Plus Luca was the one who was egging on all the boys in Casa Amor, he just reeks of double standards.

Even Luca’s family has had to issue a statement, apologising on his behalf for Luca’s “insensitive behaviour”, saying that when he watches the episode back he’ll be “embarrassed and deeply apologetic”.

He’s also been downright nasty to Tasha, maybe he’s just being protective of his friend but I’m sick of seeing it and Luca doesn’t have to go about it in the way he is. When she was crying and clearly overwhelmed he came over and made everything 10 times worse, he said she’s been “riding [Andrew’s] coattails”, and in Casa Amor was hyping Andrew up by screaming “Tasha who?” when he kissed other girls. It’s just not nice at all.


Dami’s essentially been Luca’s right hand man and he’s been joining in on how Luca’s been treating Tasha badly. When Tasha was upset about the “riding the coattails” remark Dami backed Luca and said she could have been given an even “more brutal” title. Like what?? It’s just uncalled for.

The way he’s treated Indiyah and Summer too is just not on. He’s been downplaying his relationship with Summer to Indiyah, telling her he didn’t lead Summer on – but of course the truth always comes out in the end and at Mad Movies Indiyah saw Dami and Summer having “a long ass kiss” in bed, as well as Dami having a three-way kiss. Summer told Indiyah that Dami was making her feel like she had a chance with him, but when the three of them spoke he branded Summer “fake” and kept telling her to “shut up”. It was so disrespectful and people on Twitter said the way he spoke was “disgusting”.


Davide is the king of double standards. In the first week he shouted at Ekin-Su and called her a “liar” and an “actress”, and he keeps bringing up the fact that she ended things with him at first so she could try things out with Jay. It’s fine to be upset when it happened, but now they’ve spoken about it and moved on – you can’t continue a relationship if you keep going back to the same old, resolved, arguments, and Davide keeps using Jay as an excuse for anything and says it’s the reason their relationship doesn’t have trust.

Earlier in the season he said Ekin-Su was going from “flower to flower” with him and Jay, but then he did the exact same thing, kissing both Coco and Mollie in Casa Amor. He’s so arrogant and sometimes he genuinely acts like he thinks he’s god’s gift to mankind.


Look me in the eyes and tell me right now that “I licked her tit or whatever” isn’t the worst sentence that’s ever been uttered in the entire history of mankind. Andrew deserves a place in the Love Island Hall of Dishonour purely for that.


Why is he being so weird about Gemma? It goes without saying that it’s not her fault he fancies her, and Luca shouldn’t be mad at her about it, but Billy really isn’t helping things. She hasn’t been flirty with him at ALL, just normal and nice – but he’s taken it the complete wrong way. Someone tweeted saying “Gemma and Billy is the classic example of a woman being nice to a man and him assuming she fancies him” and it’s too true. 


Look, if we were talking about the worst Love Island men of all time, before he arrived in the 2022 villa Adam would have been firmly in the running. When he was in Love Island 2018 he coupled up with so many Islanders and somehow they were always left in tears. Adam stole Kendall from Niall and then dumped her for Rosie; then he called Rosie “needy”, made her cry and started grafting Megan Barton Hanson; then he dumped Rosie for Zara McDermott; and then when Zara was dumped he cracked on straight away in Casa Amor.

But has Love Island 2022 been Adam Collard’s redemption arc??? He’s so much more mature, he couldn’t be nicer to Paige if he tried, and he’s somehow become the voice of reason in the villa. Maybe it’s because the rest of this year’s boys are so rubbish, but maybe Adam is the person we always needed to rescue the car crash of this series.

So then, which Love Island 2022 man is the absolute worst? Vote now:

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