A definitive list of where the Love Island cast would go to university

Why does Andrew just scream Cardiff?

Although six of the current Islanders went to uni before entering the villa, I’m not sure they chose the right ones. For the past month, we’ve watched hearts race, hearts break and plenty of red flags appear but all I’ve been thinking about is: where would they have gone to uni?

Why is it so clear that Tasha would have gone to Warwick, Andrew has that slight cringe Cardiff energy about him and Paige is the queen of blue trebs on a night out in Newcastle? Here’s a definitive list as to where each Love Island cast member would have gone to university.

Gemma – Bristol

Privately educated – tick. Horse – tick. Distant and thinks they are a bit cool – tick. Gemma is straight out of Wills Hall or Churchill. Big daddy issues that can only be solved by her boyfriend who’s relentlessly chased her all year and she’s finally let him in knowing he’s whipped. Catch her on the benches outside Steam where she occupies a permanent space in the middle of her massive friendship group.

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Paige – Newcastle

You know Paige is having good craic on a night out and where’s better for a big night out than Newcastle? Big pres with the girls spending hours getting ready. Ultimately loves a night out at Grey’s but equally can’t say no to three trebs for £7.50 at Shaker. Falls for a Jesmond rugby boy and is left crying in her black North Face puffer jacket.

Luca – Nottingham

Although he’s got the anxiety of a stoned Fallowfield student at 4am, Luca is not cool enough for Manchester. He’s a big fish in a small pond. He’s choosing a pretty safe and standard Russell Group because it’s going to help him stand out and hide the fact, that deep down, he’s pretty boring. On the football team, he’s doing well for himself on a Wednesday night where his loosened tie and untucked shirt gives him a bit of edge against the endless sea of tucked in shirts, ties and chinos.

Dami – Leeds

Whether he winds you up or not, you have to admit Dami is smooth. The man has gone to Casa Amor, treated it like a lads’ holiday, been all sarky with Indiyah when he’s come back and yet somehow he’s won her back and is best mates with Paige. That’s Leeds Hyde Park energy. The students of Hyde Park get along with girls well, backs themselves and always knows the right thing to say to worm themselves out of being actually called out.

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Tasha – Warwick

Tasha just screams Warwick. Type of girl you meet at a house party and think you’ve hit the jackpot. She’s stunning, she’s laughing at most of the things you are saying but somewhere between your second and third beer you realise “Christ, she’s boring”. As the night wears on, you are wondering what on earth to say to the girl and ultimately you leave thinking you’ve dodged a bullet. Despite occasionally getting off with a Coventry boy (Billy) in Smack, really she’s actually made for someone equally safe like Andrew.

Andrew – Cardiff

There’s something about Andrew that is just a bit wet. Whether it’s the falling in love with Tasha after three weeks or the severe lack of any sort of chat, Andrew is giving big SU night out drinking VKs energy. His slicked back 2017 haircut will fit in at Cardiff, although it might come loose as he moshes with all the lads to Mr Brightside for the 1000th time.

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Indiyah – King’s

Indiyah is a London girl through and through. Genuinely reckon she only rated Deji coz he was from London. There is no way she’s not going to uni in her home city. Indiyah is self-assured. She’s confident and she knows what she wants. Despite occasionally falling for a sleazy guy in Ministry who goes to Goldsmith’s, she’s doing an impressive degree at King’s.

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Davide – Manchester Metropolitan

Davide is a good time guy. He’s studying abroad so it doesn’t really matter if it’s at a pretty mediocre uni. He’s there for the nights out and spent more nights waking up in an Oak House bed than an actual UoM fresher. He’s got his Italian accent set to 100 and absolutely cleans up taking phone numbers working behind the bar at 42’s.

Ekin-Su – Manchester

Ekin-Su gives main character energy and that’s Manchester. She’s living in some really expensive accommodation in Fallowfield like Unsworth Park but actually spends most of her time in Oak House where she bumps into Davide. They’ve both spend the night with different people and are keen to make a swift exit. Desperately hunting for their stuff hidden between the Red Stripe cans and nos canisters from the previous night’s kitchen pres, she hears one word of his Italian accent and is smitten.

Jacques – Exeter

Emotionally repressed, treats girls badly and he plays rugby – there are a million different Jacques at Timepiece on a Wednesday night in Exeter. He has far more in common with the double barrel named, £40k-a-year boarding school boys that all flock to Exeter than you’d think. They also grew up with a sense of self-entitlement because they are half decent at throwing an oval-shaped ball.

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Jay – York

Middle of the road Islander, middle of the road uni. Kind of guy you’d be happy to see in a big group setting but if you get stuck next to him one on one at pres, you are quickly running out of things to say to him beyond “What’s your favourite flavour of Huel?”. Spends all his time in the gym and doesn’t really go out much. Probably has a girlfriend at another uni that he goes to see a lot.

Danica – Liverpool

Probably lives in Smithdown somewhere near the Brookhouse but would just as easily be able to hold her own in Kensington. On the committee of Dance Soc, lots of boys approach her but somehow she always ends up single.

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Josh – Dropped out

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The guy is flaky. He’s gone to uni for a month before deciding it’s not for him. He sits at home using the rest of his student loan to splash on designer clothing he can stunt on his Instagram.

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