What your BeReals look like based on your degree course

Time to BeReal x

By now it’s become a core part of our daily routines. And if it hasn’t, what have you been doing? Every time when THAT moment of the day is upon us, the BeReal notification pings in and it’s time for everyone everywhere to drop what they’re doing and try their hardest to make their lives look interesting to the prying eyes of their followers. Two precious minutes to think up some original content, or more likely, simply prove that at the end of the day you’re just as much of a walking degree stereotype as everybody else.

But the thing is, your BeReals say so much about you – whether you’re a languages student flexing your year abroad, or a science student who constantly needs to remind everyone that you’re a woman in STEM. Here’s what your BeReals probably look like based on your degree course:


Be honest, you mostly just downloaded BeReal for the sole purpose of flexing on all your friends in their rainy uni cities back home while you sip sangria on your year abroad. It doesn’t really matter to you what time the notification comes in because you could literally be in a supermarket and it would still somehow be a vibe.


Just when everyone thought you were finally embracing the 21st century by downloading BeReal, the degree always finds some way to creep back in, whether it’s a period drama you’re choosing to watch in your downtime or an old building you couldn’t hold back from taking a picture of. Lowkey feel like I’m in a museum every time you pop up in my feed.


I’m personally of the opinion that art students shouldn’t be allowed on BeReal. The moment your BeReal memories get anything close to resembling a Pinterest board and you should be made to delete your account and stick to Instagram. You’re simply killing the natural vibes and showing the rest of us up.


On reflection, you’re not sure why you bothered downloading BeReal because 24/7 spent on placement teaching seven year olds means you can never actually participate. It probably wouldn’t look the best if you got caught taking selfies with the kids you’re meant to be teaching, even though you’re desperate to show your friends how you spend your days. Even on the rare occasion the notification comes in when you’re on a break, you’re not really sure how you feel about taking a sneaky snap in the Staff Room while your new pal Sue moans about her marking.


Same rule applies as with teaching. On balance it doesn’t seem the best idea to whip out your phone while you’ve got a needle in a patient’s arm, even if it would undeniably make for some interesting content. The best you can get away with is probably a pic of you in your scrubs, but the novelty of that wears off pretty quickly. On the plus side, it gives you a convenient excuse to pull a BeFake and post later in the day when you’re doing something fun.


We get it, you’re in STEM. Doesn’t mean you constantly have to feel the need to prove it by making sure every post features your lab coat and goggles or some kind of diagram that no one understands. GCSE science behaviour tbh.


Media students are the type to tell anyone who will listen that actually, you had BeReal back in April 2020, like before it was mainstream, like it’s some kind of substitute for a personality.


At this point I’d honestly rather see a blank snap of your wall every day than another page from Great Expectations. Sorry but someone had to say it. Boys think it’s a really edgy way to flirt by commenting a spoiler of what you’re reading. Spoiler: it’s not.

Sports science

One of the worst parts of BeReal is the way it’s provided a new outlet for the gym lads who once thrived off spamming their Snapchat story with “nr gym” to come bicep curling out of their hibernation. Please leave it in 2013, it’s now, and if we’re honest always has been, a bit of an ick.


Can you get BeReal on Androids then? Once you’ve made it past that barrier your BeReals will probably be about as basic as your choice in degree tbh.


You couldn’t handle the FOMO of not having BeReal, but you’re becoming increasingly conscious that your BeReals are nothing but a monotonous series of your endless work. You try desperately to shake it up between your doorstop of a textbook, your lecture theatre and the essay you’re writing, aiming for an aesthetic somewhere between girl boss and cry for help.


Do you guys actually do a degree? By this point I’m beginning to wonder whether philosophy is just a cover story you tell people. Even now exam season’s hit you still always seem to be off living your best life. No good for you if the notification comes in before midday though, you’ll still be recovering from the night before.

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