Heartstopper is the absolute best show on TV right now and these reasons prove it

It feels so good to have positive representation for our community

Heartstopper on Netflix is easily the best show on TV right now. It’s diverse, inclusive and it features a cast of queer young people as well as Oscar winner Olivia Colman. Thanks to Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper, our community finally has something to positively represent us. The series dives straight into LGBTQ+ issues while proving queer shows do not need to be focused entirely on traumatic events. Heartstopper is important because it makes us feel seen and everyone, especially queer young people, deserves that. Here’s a rundown of every single reason why Heartstopper is the best thing on TV right now.

It proves representation matters

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Heartstopper proves how important it is to have positive and happy queer representation. Seeling all fo the queer characters experience joy and hope is crucial and it’s something I wish I saw growing up.

Nick’s character gave bisexual people on-screen visbility

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Bisexual representation on TV is notoriosuly bad and negative. So watching Nick Nelson present it in such a healthy way was

The lighting and attention to detail was immense

And the best part is, the lighting and filters always have an underlying meaning.

Watching Nick figure out his sexuality was so relatable

I was thrown DEEP into my feelings when I watched Nick discover his sexuality. Every single queer person ever has been in that position and it was so gratifying to watch that on TV, it made me feel so seen.

Elle’s character gave trans people much-needed visibility

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Right now the trans representation on TV is abysmal and pretty much doesn’t exist. So the fact her character wasn’t based on being trans was refreshing. Of course seeing trans people go through struggles is needed and important but just seeing them exist and not be surrounded by problems relating to their identity is amazing.

The soundtrack is impeccable

The Heartstopper soundtrack is iconic. It features banger after banger and every single song is a queer anthem. It’s just so damn good.

Oliva Colman being casted and her entire character

Heartstopper Olivia Coleman

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Having an actor as famous as Oliva Colman play a parent like Sarah is so important because it proves not being homophobic isn’t enough. Being a queer child, or queer at any age, can be very lonely and confusing so it’s so important young LGBTQ+ people have access to a character like Sarah.

Also Charlie’s dad is such a great parent

Constantly throughout Heartstopper and every time he’d drop Charlie off to wherever he was going. He would always have his son’s back and accept him for everything he is.

Heartstopper is going to help LGBTQ+ young people

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I can’t tell you how important it is to have access to a LGBTQ+ Netflix show that doesn’t revolve around queer trauma. Queer adults can’t stress enough how much we wish we had this show growing up and when we were closeted. It’s the best.

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