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Stop crying over Heartstopper and take a look at these 26 more memes and reactions

I’m having a full on gay crisis

People simply cannot stop talking about how much they love Nick Nelson, Charlie Spring, and absolutely everything else about Heartstopper on Netflix. It’s in group chats, it’s on people’s BeReals, and of course it’s all over Twitter. The world is obsessed, and there are just so many amazing memes, tweets and reactions everywhere to Heartstopper, with everyone saying how much of an incredible, important and groundbreaking Netflix show it is.

We’ve already done one Heartstopper meme round up, of course we have – but there are just so many more. What can I say, the people love Heartstopper! Now take a look at these 26 more tweets, memes and reactions about Heartstopper on Netflix, guaranteed to send you into a gay panic:


2. Me x

3. 😭😭😭

4. Don’t be shy! Drop it!

5. Yes we bloody do

6. The soundtrack is iconic tbf

7. I don’t know why this makes so much sense but it does

8. She’s such a vibe

9. They’re all best friends!!!

10. Just let queer people have nice things!

11. Why is this such a universal experience lol

12. Crying shaking throwing up

13. Why Am I Like This? by Orla Gartland supremacy x

14. My new Tinder bio

15. Three minutes, as a little treat

16. Seeing how it was actually filmed has ruined my life

17. Yes pls x

18. Nah but imagine the squelching

19. A legend!

20. Sobbing

21. Alright Chloe

22. Bestie vibes only!!!

23. Why does no one look at me like this?

24. If only x

25. Yes

26. I will never be ready

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Featured image via Netflix’s Heartstopper bloopers video on YouTube