heartstopper trivia quiz

Only Nick Nelson himself would get full marks on this Heartstopper trivia quiz

Okay but can you remember what milkshake flavour he gets??


Okay, so you’ve binged Heartstopper. Of course you are, you’re not an animal. You’ve laughed, cried, and fallen in love with every single character. But the real question is: how much of Heartstopper have you actually paid attention to? Like, really?

For example, Charlie, Tara and Darcy are all in the orchestra, but can you remember what instruments they play? It’s Charlie’s birthday in the series, but what does he do for his birthday party? And how old does he turn?? These are all questions only a Heartstopper super fan, or Nick Nelson himself, would know the answer to. Speaking of Nick – what weird flavour of milkshake does he get? And most importantly of all, what’s his dog called???

Heartstopper is based on a graphic novel (there’s a whole series of them, so fingers crossed we get a Heartstopper season two!!), but the Netflix show is what everyone now knows and loves. People are saying it’s incredibly important, with the storylines proving exactly why representation of all identities matters so much.

So go ahead, put your knowledge of the Heartstopper Netflix series to the test and take this trivia quiz to see how much of the show you remember. If you get 10/10 you can officially change your name to Nick Nelson.

Take this Heartstopper trivia quiz now to prove you’re the show’s number one fan:

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