Heartstopper soundtrack: All the iconic songs you recognise from the Netflix series

There are SO many queer anthems in it

Heartstopper is the Netflix series I’ve been waiting my whole life for, and every single part of it is simply stunning. From the impeccable casting to the hugely important storylines, it is just so damn good. But one of the parts of Heartstopper people simply cannot stop talking about is its soundtrack. Every single song on the Heartstopper soundtrack is such a banger, and it’s FULL to the brim with loads of iconic queer anthems, naturally.

Here are all the songs and artists you recognise from the soundtrack of Heartstopper on Netflix:

Want Me – Baby Queen

Want Me by Baby Queen is the first song that plays, right in the opening scene of Heartstopper episode one.

Baby Queen has posted an Instagram with loads of pics of her with the Heartstopper cast, and wrote in the caption: “This story is so important. The first thing I thought when I went in to watch the first three episodes … was that I wish I’d been able to watch a show like this when I was younger, because it would have made a difference to the way I looked at myself and my own sexuality. But I am so happy that it exists now.”

via Instagram @queenofthebabies

Lovesick – Peace

Lovesick by Peace is the next song on the soundtrack, halfway through Heartstopper episode one. It’s the scene where Charlie is running in PE and Nick sees how fast he is.

Dover Beach – Baby Queen

Another song by Baby Queen, Dover Beach, is in episode one. It’s playing over a montage of Charlie learning how to play rugby and being with the team for the first time.

Don’t Delete The Kisses – Wolf Alice

Don’t Delete The Kisses by Wolf Alice plays right at the end of episode one, after Nick stops Ben. He and Charlie then walk home separately and we see their first Instagram messages to each other.

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Sappho – Frankie Cosmos

Sappho is the first song in Heartstopper episode two, when Charlie and Nick are sending loads of Instagram messages to each other from their own bedrooms. The title of the song, Sappho was a Greek poet from the island of Lesbos who’s been called “the queen of all lesbians”.

Girls – Girl in Red

Probably the queerest queer anthem in the world, Girls by Girl In Red also appears in episode two. It plays when Elle is settling in to her new school and watching Tara and Darcy together.

Dance with Me – Beabadoobee

Dance With Me by Beabadoobee plays in the Heartstopper episode two when Charlie is at Nick’s house. It starts snowing and the two go and play outside in the snow with Nellie the dog.

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Why Am I Like This? – Orla Gartland

Orla Gartland’s Why Am I Like This? is at the end of Heartstopper episode two, when Nick leaves Charlie’s house after Charlie accidentally falls asleep on the sofa. Nick gets home and is looking through Charlie’s Instagram pics while the song plays.

My Own Person – Smoothboi Ezra

My Own Person by Smoothboi Ezra is the first song in episode three, right at the start of the ep as Nick is looking through “signs you might be gay” articles.

Telephone – Waterparks

Waterparks’ Telephone is playing in episode three when Charlie walks into Harry’s party – there’s a band at the party playing the song.

Lucid – Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama’s song Lucid also plays at Harry’s party in Heartstopper episode three. At this Tara tells Nick she’s a lesbian and introduces him to Darcy.

Clearest Blue – Chvurches

Clearest Blue by Chvurches is another song at Harry’s party in episode three, when Nick is dancing with Imogen but then he sees Tara and Darcy kiss in front of everyone for the first time. Then he goes to find Charlie.

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Alaska (Toby Green Remix) – Maggie Rogers

The fourth song in episode three, which has Harry’s party and Nick and Charlie’s first kiss, is Alaska (Toby Green Remix) by Maggie Rogers.

What’s It Gonna Be? – Shura

What’s It Gonna Be? by Shura is the first song on the Heartstopper episode four soundtrack. It plays when Nick leaves Charlie’s house and then Charlie runs after him in the rain.

Heart – Flor

The other song in Heartstopper episode four is Flor’s Heart. This plays halfway through the episode, when Charlie is yet again trying to learn how to play rugby.

Nothing Else I Could Do – Ella Jane

Ella Jane’s song Nothing Else I Could Do plays at the opening of Heartstopper episode five, playing in the background when Charlie and his mates are all playing Monopoly together.

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UrbanAngel1999 – Thomas Headon

Next in episode five is UrbanAngel1999 by Thomas Headon, when Tao and Elle are dancing around the room together at the gang’s night in.

If You Want To – Beabadoobee

In episode five there’s another song by Beabadoobee. It’s Charlie’s bowling birthday party, and If You Want To plays right at the start of the scene as Nick comes in and meets everyone.

Buzzkill – Baby Queen

Another Baby Queen, Buzzkill plays while Charlie and all his mates are bowling for his birthday party.

Fever Dream – Mxmtoon

Another song that plays during episode five whilst the gang are bowling and playing arcade games is Fever Dream by Mxmtoon.

Paper Mache World – Matilda Mann

Matilda Mann’s Paper Mache World plays as Charlie and Nick kiss in the arcade at Charlie’s birthday. It’s a nice moment, and after Nick messages Imogen to tell her he can’t go on their “date” any more.

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I Want To Be With You – Chloe Moriondo

I Want To Be With You by Chloe Moriondo plays right at the end of Heartstopper episode five. Nick and Imogen meet up and have an honest chat on a park bench and then at school Imogen tells everyone they’re “better off as friends”.

Knock Me Off My Feet – Soak

The first song in Heartstopper episode six is Knock Me Off My Feet by Soak. At Charlie’s house, Nick tells him that he told Tara and Darcy about them – and Charlie is obvs very happy.

Flirting With Her – Sir Babygirl

Up next is Sir Babygirl’s Flirting With Her. This plays towards the end of episode six – Tara runs off before the school concert and Darcy goes off to find her. They end up accidentally locked in the music room and the song plays as they have a conversation about their relationship and coming out, and then kiss.

Bang Bang Bang – Lauran Hibberd

Bang Bang Bang by Lauran Hibberd plays right at the start of episode seven, as Charlie’s getting ready to go to the cinema with Nick. Lauran has spoken about it on Instagram, writing: “Beyond gassed to have my track ‘bang bang bang’ feature in my fav ever series. @heartstoppertv this is super special, @netflix thank u so much!! 😇😇😇”

Tired – Beabadoobee

Another Beabadoobee song on the Heartstopper soundtrack, Tired plays in episode seven. After Nick and Harry have a fight at the cinema, Nick’s mum picks him up. The song plays as they’re talking about the fight in the car on the way home and Nick’s mum calls Charlie a “really special friend” – big up Olivia Coleman.

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Any Other Way – Tomberlin

Any Other Way by Tomberlin plays when Nick and Charlie see each other the next day at school, and Nick tells Charlie about the fight he had with Harry and his mates.

Smokey Eyes – Lincoln

Lincoln’s Smokey Eyes is the last song of episode seven, when Tao and Harry are having a big fight on the field and the whole school comes out to watch. Nick and Charlie run out and pull them apart.

Our Window – Noah and The Whale

The first song of Heartstopper’s last episode, episode eight, is Our Window by Noah and The Whale. Nick tries to talk to Charlie (over Instagram DMs, obvs) but Charlie ends up just rolling over and going to sleep.

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Because I Love You – Montaigne

Next up is Montaigne’s Because I Love You. Coach Singh tells Tao he’s the only one who hasn’t signed up for a Sports Day event and makes him run, but then Charlie makes Tao swap bibs and says he’ll run it for him.

Close To You – Dayglow

Close To You by Dayglow is next in episode eight, during Sports Day.

Moment In The Sun – Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean’s Moment In The Sun is the next song in episode eight. Nick pulls Charlie away from Sports Day and tells him how he really feels in the empty school corridor, and then the two kiss. The song keeps playing when Nick and Charlie go on a date day to the coast, and it’s adorbs.

I Belong In Your Arms (Photek Remix) – Chairlift

The final song in Heartstopper season one is Chairlift’s I Belong In Your Arms (Photek Remix). Nick comes out to his mum and they hug, and then the song plays as there’s a montage showing all the moments Nick realised he fancied Charlie.

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Listen to the full Heartstopper soundtrack and all the songs here:

Netflix has made a Spotify playlist full of so many songs from the Heartstopper soundtrack. You can find it here, or else head to Netflix’s official Spotify profile and look through the playlists.

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