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Inside the beautiful and vibey Instagrams of Netflix’s Heartstopper cast

I love them all so much

Heartstopper dropped on Netflix last week and it is one of the most beautiful show’s I’ve ever watched. It follows a romance between Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, two secondary school students who fall in love.

Even before the show was released on Netflix people were mad for it. The Heartstopper fan base is mega and anyone who has watched even one episode can understand why. The cast are all so cool and judging by their Instagrams, filming Heartstopper was loads of fun for them and they all became really good mates. A lot of them have even posted some great behind the scenes pics from the show. So, here are the Instagrams of each of the cast members of Heartstopper on Netflix.

Kit Connor – Nick Nelson

Instagram handle: @kit.connor 

Followers: 881k

Kit plays Nick Nelson, Heartstopper’s resident rugby boy and all-round beautiful soul. Kit’s Instagram is mainly full of actor bits but also  he’s no stranger to posting vibey photos of himself and his mates. You might recognise Kit from Rocketman where he played young Elton John and yes, this means he can SING. Kit posted a video of himself singing Rocketman back in 2020 and wow, I am in awe.

Joe Locke – Charlie Spring

Instagram handle: @joelocke03

Followers: 669k

Charlie Spring is possibly the world’s sweetest boy and yes, I am obsessed with him!! Joe Locke needs to drop his eyebrow routine because they are illegally good. Joe’s Instagram is FULL of Heartstopper behind the scenes photos. When they wrapped filming back in 2021, Joe posted a photo dump and captioned it saying how his character Charlie Spring changed him in so many positive ways.

Yasmin Finney – Elle Argent

Instagram handle: @yazdemand

Followers: 320k

Yasmin is genuinely the coolest person ever. She’s an icon and you know what makes all of this even more exciting? She’s friends with Tayce from Drag Race UK season two!!! Yasmin posted this photo back in March saying how playing Elle has genuinely changed and inspired her to be her most “authentic self” and how she wishes she had some like Elle growing up.

Sebastian Croft – Ben Hope

Instagram handle: @sebastiancroft

Followers: 307k

Now we all know Sebastian as Ben, Charlie’s ex-boyfriend who turned nasty pretty quickly but soon realised he was being a dick. In his bio Sebastian has “Ben Hope hate club” which is pretty iconic if you ask me. And it’s safe to say he is nothing like Ben in real life, his grid is full of good vibes and loads of sweet photos of himself and Joe Locke who plays Charlie.

William Gao – Tao Xu

Instagram handle: @will.gao_

Followers: 338k


Tao Xu classed himself the resident straight friend in the Heartrstopper group and he played it very well. He was cool in the show and guess what? He’s cool in real life!!! He seems very artsy and like the rest of us he has an obsession with Louis Theroux.

Corinna Brown – Tara Jones

Instagram handle: @itzz_cori

Followers: 132k

Corinna, who plays Tara in the show, graduated from East 15 back in 2020 and she’s just celebrated her graduation! Her bio says she’s also a dancer and fight performer which is essentially someone who specialises in a type of acting where they perform physical fights without getting hurt.

Kizzy Edgell – Darcy Olsson

Instagram handle: @51212.87287

Followers: 162k

Kizzy looks like they belong at Leeds Uni. Their Instagram grid has such an edgy vibe to it. From what we see on their Instagram, Kizzy is big on hanging out with their friends.

Rhea Norwood – Imogen Heaney

Instagram handle: @rhea.norwood 

Followers: 60.3k


Imogen was bought into the Netflix show by Alice who says they wanted Nick to have a friend who wasn’t one of the lads. Her Instagram includes fun photos from her acting career so far and cute pics with mates!

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All follower counts were correct at the time of publishing.

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