Nick Nelson coming out scene Heartstopper

23 reactions to Nick Nelson’s coming out scene in Heartstopper for the sad gays

Don’t lie, you WANT this

If you’ve seen Heartstopper and you’re camper than a row of tents then it’s likely you’ve watched Nick Nelson’s coming out scene more than once. It’s a scene that will stick with the LGBTQ+ community for a very long time, it’s raw, emotional and perfect in every single way. The reaction of Nick Nelson’s mum, played by Olivia Coleman, gave our community so much hope that we will be met with love from somebody we choose to come out to. Since the show dropped, Twitter was sent into emotional turmoil. So take a break from watching Heartstopper for the fifth time and seek refuge in these 23 reactions to Nick Nelson coming out as bisexual.

1. I am the child in question

2. We’re all mfs

3. This is why Heartstopper is so important

4. I am crying

5. Big mood

6. My heart can’t take it

7. Nick searching for the quiz broke me

8. Finally feeling validated

9. So special

10. Alice Oseman did a wonderful thing giving our community Nick Nelson

11. This is a Sarah Nelson stan account

12. I love Olivia Coleman

13. STOPPPP this is so true

14. It’s so important we have this

15. The people watching it in public are unhinged


17. ‘A little goof’

18. This could never be me

19. Guys, I’m crying just looking at them hug


21. All of us deserve a Sarah Nelson

22. Screaming

23. I love her

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