Which Heartstopper character would be your best friend? Take this quiz to find out

Honestly I just wanna be besties with them all

Heartstopper is taking not just Netflix but the entire world by storm. The plot and soundtrack are impeccable, but the thing that really makes Heartstopper great is its characters, I literally want to be best friends with them all.

Nick would be super loyal and would always have your back, and he might even teach you how to play rugby if you play your cards right! If you’d rather learn to play the drums and hang out in the art classroom, Charlie puts his friends first and would always be there, milkshake in hand to check up on you. As your best friend, Elle would give the BEST advice; Tara would make you feel safe enough to spill all your secrets to her; and Darcy doesn’t care what anyone thinks so would be your biggest cheerleader always. And then there’s Tao, who would do anything to stick up for you and would always have a ton of great film recommendations.

Obviously you’d be mates with them all, but which of the iconic Heartstopper characters would be your best friend? Get your milkshake at the ready, strap on your bowling shoes, and then take this quiz to find out who your bestie would be:

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