27 tweets about the world’s biggest and best ally, Sarah Nelson from Heartstopper

Olivia Colman meant it when she said ‘gay rights’

You’d be lying to yourself if you said Sarah Nelson was not the best character in Netflix’s Heartstopper. Based on her reaction alone to her son coming out, she deserves the entire world. Oliva Colman is a national treasure and a Netflix god all rolled into one flaming-hot ally. We must protect her at all costs. Here are 27 tweets all dedicated to the world’s biggest and best LGBTQ+ advocate, Sarah Nelson.

1. It’s the only thing I want right now

2. Unreal casting

3. Big time

4. Not this

5. ‘Gay rights!’

6. So different but both so loved

7. She slayed so hard

8. Obsessed with this meme format

9. It’s as simple as that really

10. Send tweet!

11. Get out of here

12. Couldn’t agree more

13. Olivia Colman leads the Kit Connor nation

14. It’s an obsession

15. Literally, one Olivia isn’t enough

16. Next binge

17. I am scared of these people

18. Facts

19. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Sarah

20. It’s for the best x

21. Some of you take the obsession too far I fear

22. The biggest honor

23. This has killed me

24. My favourite casting too! End of


26. I still can’t get over it

27. Exactly??

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