Heartstopper bloopers

These Heartstopper bloopers are just as good as the actual show itself

Olivia Colman cried so much in the coming out scene that she forgot her lines😭

Heartstopper on Netflix has taken the world by a gay storm. The fandom is outrageously big and we all have just as much love for the characters as we do for the talented actors that play them. Just when we thought we didn’t have anymore Heartstopper to come, Netflix kept us fed and dropped some bloopers.

The Heartstopper bloopers show the cast singing, laughing and messing up their lines behind the scenes of filming. If you thought that you couldn’t love Heartstopper anymore than you already do then you’re not ready to watch this bloopers reel.

A favourite moment in the bloops is when Olivia Colman genuinely cries during Nick Nelson’s coming out scene and forgets her lines and says “I just got overwhelmed with your little face”. And also when Sarah and Nick are in the car driving and the car jumps up so Olivia says “I hope that was the bully” and makes a fart noise – J’adore her.

The reel also shows the actors who play Tara and Darcy just dancing around and vibing. Basically the whole thing feels as though it was SO much fun to film and now all fans can think about it a second season!!

You can watch the Heartstopper bloopers here:

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