Just 19 tweets about Heartstopper’s lesbian power couple Tara and Darcy

Finally some appreciation for two queer icons

Heartstopper is taking the world by storm right now, (if you haven’t seen it already, what are you doing?) and its supporting cast has been just as impactful as its leads, Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. The two resident lesbians, Tara and Darcy have managed to capture every queer heard in the UK and fans of the show on Twitter are obsessed with them. Here are our favourite tweets about them and the actors who played them, Corinna Brown and Kizzy Edgell.

1. She a little confused but she got the spirit.

2. When I tell you, I sobbed

3. This fan art was honestly such a vibe

4. We’ve all had that lightbulb moment

5. Representation really matters

6. We all need friends in the community

7. Sometimes fate is fate

8. We stan a good high school girl trio

9. He’s here for them and so are we

10. Do you ever just feel overwhelmed?

11. I would like to see it

13. They got gal-palled bad

13. Honestly, same

14. It’s just a lot okay?

15. It’s just so healing

16. A legend among mortals

17. Too real

18. Love small details like this

19. Brb, just crying again

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