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A deep dive into the fun TikTok accounts belonging to Netflix’s Heartstopper cast

Kit Connor’s TikTok gives me LIFE

Netflix’s Heartstopper has a strong chokehold over so many of us sad gays. It’s honestly one of the best things I have watched in a very long time and now it’s over I’ve filled the Heartstopper hole in my heart with the cast TikTok accounts. It’s bringing me so much joy seeing the real life actors have so many followers – it puts it into perspective just how big Heartstopper is. Anyway, here’s a look into the TikTok accounts belonging to Netflix’s Heartstopper cast, including who has the most followers.

Joe Locke – Charlie Spring

TikTok handle: @joelocke03

Followers: 1.2 million

@joelocke03 God my hands shake so much don’t they… #heartstopper ♬ Why Am I Like This? – Orla Gartland

Joe says he has no idea how to use TikTok but he’s clearly doing something right considering his following is 1.2 million. His highest viewed video is when himself and Sebastian Croft (Ben Hope) lip sync Imogen saying she’s an ally.

Kit Connor – Nick Nelson

TikTok handle: @kitsconnor1

Followers: 868.4k

@kitsconnor1 #duet with @iamsailing85 just got here, doing gods work already #heartstopper #heartstoppercast #willgao ♬ Come dance wiv me – ssped..up. audioss

Within 12 hours of setting up his TikTok account, Kit’s following grew from zero to 809.8k – how wild is that?? He’s only posted three videos and of course they’re all Heartstopper based, so he is definitely worth a follow.

Yasmin Finney – Elle Argent

TikTok handle: @yazdemand 

Followers: 1.2 million

@yazdemand #heartstoppercast ♬ Use this sound if you think ryon is hot – ryon01

Yasmin has been on TikTok for a while now and had a big following even before Netflix dropped Heartstopper. She’s got 14.6 million likes and posts the vibiest content you will ever see.

Rhea Norwood – Imogen Heaney

TikTok handle: @rheanorwood

Followers: 139.7k

@rheanorwood Regina George move over there’s a new biotch in town #reginageorgeofheartstopper #imogen #heartstoppernetflix ♬ original sound – untitledspam because yeah

Rhea played Imogen in Heartstopper and delivered the TikTok famous line, “I’m not homophobic, I’m an ally”.

Sebastian Croft – Ben Hope

TikTok handle: @sebastiancroft 

Followers: 503.5k

@sebastiancroft At least I didn’t get you know who… #Heartstopper ♬ Why Am I Like This? – Orla Gartland

Sebastian Croft played Ben Hope and is also the leader of the Ben Hope hate club.

Corinna Brown – Tara Jones

TikTok handle: @notcorinnabrown123

Followers: 354.4k

@notcorinnabrown123 You’re welcome xxx #taradarcy #corinnaandkizzy #heartstoppernetflix ♬ sonido original – xsunix

Naturally Corinna’s TikTok with Kizzy is her post viewed video. They’re both dancing to the song Space Girl by Frances Forever.

Tobie Donovan – Isaac Henderson

TikTok handle: @tobiedonovan

Followers: 538.1k

@tobiedonovan My Nick Nelson 😍🤣 #heartstoppernetflix #heartstoppercast #heartstopper ♬ Please only use if your lgbtq – Heartstopper <3

Tobie played Isaac in Heartstopper and his most viewed video on TikTok is to the audio that starts off with “I’ve been going out with Nick Nelson since I was 14.” It shows Tobie walking through London and then awkwardly transitioning to Kit Connor who clearly has no idea what’s going on. Obviously, we’re all obsessed.

Kizzy Edgell – Darcy Olsson

TikTok handle: @kizzyedgell

Followers: 241.3k

Kizzy’s TikTok hasn’t been active since September 2021 but it’s okay because the cast make up for posting an abundance of content featuring them.

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All following numbers were correct at the time of publishing.

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