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Kim Kardashian ‘apologises’ for women in business comments, but not really

So sorry to all the non-girlbosses who took it the wrong way xo

Kim Kardashian has responded to the backlash against her “women in business” comments, made during a Variety interview earlier this month.

The YouTube clip, which went viral for *literally* all the wrong reasons, saw the billionaire handing over some sage advice to women: “I have the best advice for women in business. Get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days – you have to surround yourself with people who want to work.”

It’s safe to say people were livid – with some comparing her to “24 hours a day” queen Molly-Mae, and even Margaret Thatcher. Many pointed out that women generally don’t need to be told to work harder, especially during the cost of living crisis.

In an ABC News special, Kim clarified her comments and apologised. Sort of.

Interviewer Robin Roberts asked: “When you made the recent statement about women in business, it got a lot of backlash… what did you mean by that?”

Kim alleged her comments had been edited to remove all context: “That statement… was without questions and conversation around it. It became a soundbite, really, with no context.

“I came off of the notion and the question right before, which was ‘after 20 years in the business, you’re famous for being famous.’ And my whole tone and attitude changed.”


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She continued: “Having a social media presence and being on a reality show does not mean overnight success. You have to really work hard to get there, even if it might seem like it’s easy.

“It wasn’t a blanket statement towards women or to feel like I don’t respect the work, or think that they don’t work hard… (My comments) were taken out of context, but I’m really sorry if it was received that way.”

Twitter users were having none of it, though, with one person saying: “Didn’t she have a big fight with Kourtney about her not working hard enough? It’s not a new line for her.”

Another said: “(The original story) provided context to the question, which was ‘what’s your best advice for women in business?”

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