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All the best reactions to *that* Will Smith incident at the Oscars

So many weird takes… so little time

Last night’s Oscars (27th March) was meant to be a celebration of landmark achievements. CODA, a film made in American Sign Language (ASL), won Best Picture. Ariana DeBose, a queer Woman of Colour, won Best Supporting Actress. Troy Kotsur, a disabled man, won Best Supporting Actor.

Instead, celebs, viewers and press alike were drawn to the chaotic confrontation between Will Smith and Chris Rock. After Chris made a tasteless joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s hair loss, Will stepped up and smacked him in the face onstage. This is the first time a physical confrontation has happened in Oscars history – in front of the cameras, anyway.

At the moment, discourse is rife both online and offline. People are pretty much divided between “Will was justified” and “a joke’s a joke.” Celebrities have reacted in droves, and memes have even been flying about.

So, while you form your own opinions on the incident, here are the 20 best reactions to *that* Oscars slap:

1. ‘Oh!’

2. ‘Have they meme’d my reaction yet?’

3. Great

4. Me on a standard night out tbf

5. A questionable take

6. Omg uncalled for

7. Ah

8. Jason always steals the show

9. Theodore Rock

10. ‘I got in one little fight and my mum got scared, and said’

11. Same, Cher

12. How does everything always circle back round to Tom and Zendaya?

13. Maybe let’s not joke about someone’s health in front of the whole world

14. Jada Pinkett-Smith was in Madagascar, too!!

15. HOLLYWOOD baby

16. Reminder to never cross the Smiths

17. The fact I instantly texted my boyfriend the same question

18. Best morning of my life

19. Nicki’s right

20. Not everything needs an opinion I reckon

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