Molly-Mae Twitter reactions

A round up of 27 savage tweets responding to Molly-Mae telling us to just work harder

‘I see Molly-Mae has been letting words come out of her mouth again’

All day, Twitter has had one influencer’s name in its furious mouth – and that name is no other than Molly-Mae Hague. Barely a week goes by where she isn’t at the epicentre of a shitstorm, and this time her comments made during a podcast have resulted in her being branded tone-deaf, ignorant and privileged. The circulating clip of comments where she says that “we all have the same 24 hours in the day” and says that to match her meteoric success everyone just needs to work harder has created a tidal wave of memes and furious reactions. Here’s a round up of the best Twitter reactions to Molly-Mae and the latest drama:

1. Problem solved!

2. It is the right time to be brutally honest tbf Cheryl x

3. Louder!

4. The nation would be tuning in

5. Just a gentle reminder x

6. Never good

7. Just spat my water out

8. Breaking Molly


10. The signs were right there

11. There’s so many pages to it 🙁

12. A flying visit

13. I’m Molly Jervis, and you’ve never heard anything like me

14. Any defenders should be thinking about these numbers

15. No lies told

16. This is a case for the FBI

17. That’s a gather, your honour

18. Thank god she was here to tell us about time!

19. She just wants us to stop sitting around, waiting and doing NISH!

20. Well if we’re getting TECHNICAL she must be right!

21. This is an annihilation

22. Truth x

23. Definitely for the best

24. She hates it!

25. When will I climb a career ladder like this?

26. Okay but… it is

27. Just in case anyone was unsure, she has now confirmed this

You can watch the full podcast of where the Molly-Mae Twitter reactions have come from here.

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