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Here’s where you recognise the voice cast of Human Resources from


Okay, so you might have a while to wait until the next series of Big Mouth is on your screens. It feels like such a long time ago, I can’t even remember whether Jessie and Ali ended up getting together or not. But – fear not. Human Resources has arrived to quench that puberty thirst.

Well, actually. This series is mostly centred around the monsters and how they help adults. When I say “help,” I obviously mean giving them anxiety, making them horny and projecting huge levels of shame onto them. Welcome to life after 21, huns!

This cast list is huge, boasting several massive Hollywood actors. So, here’s where you might recognise the voices of Human Resources from: 

Randall Park – Pete the Logic Rock

human resources cast

Photo via Netflix

Randall plays the straight-laced, boring Pete – the guy who probably tells you not to drink too much on a night out because you have work the next morning. 

This A-list actor has been in several major TV shows and films before appearing in Human Resources. He played Jimmy Woo in Wandavision as well as Ant Man and the Wasp, Dr. Stephen Shin in Aquaman and voiced various characters on Bojack Horseman. 

Aidy Bryant – Emmy

human resources cast

Photo via Netflix

Emmy’s the newest recruit in the Love Bug section of HR. She drinks too much, doesn’t seem to care for her job and her boyfriend is… well, we’ve all had one like Dante. Aidy Bryant voices the character, and you’ll definitely recognise her from some big-time TV shows. 

She starred in US sitcom Shrill for two years, receiving widespread praise for her body-positive portrayal of a plus-sized woman who didn’t want to change her appearance. Emmy has also played Tabby Bobatti in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Abigail in Girls and Allie in Broad City. 

Keke Palmer – Rochelle the Love Bug

keke palmer

Photo via Netflix

Unlike Big Mouth’s latest season, we don’t see too much of Rochelle in Human Resources. This Love Bug – formerly Hate Worm – is staying out of trouble. Fans will definitely be recognising her voice actor, though, as Keke Palmer has become a bit of an icon over the last decade. 

The majority of us probably got to know Keke through True Jackson, VP. But we grew up with her, watching her in Scream Queens, Scream and Hustlers. In 2022, she’s set to star in two massive movies: Nope, directed by Jordan Peele, and Alice. 

David Thewlis – Shame Wizard

shame wizard

Photo via Netflix

Does anyone else feel at least a little creeped out by the Shame Wizard? I think it’s the multi-coloured eyes. Also, I’ve been calling him Shane Lizard in my mind since Big Mouth season two, so, yeah.

David Thewlis is a hugely accomplished actor with a number of impressive credits on his CV. You’ll undoubtedly recognise him as Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter series – but he’s also starred in Fargo, Enola Holmes and The Theory Of Everything.  

Maya Rudolph – Connie

human resources cast

Photo via Netflix

Everyone say it with me: *Bubble baths*. While Connie takes a teensy backseat in favour of the new characters, we still get to enjoy all of Maya Rudolph’s greatness. From babysitting literal penises to helping a woman give birth; Connie remains as loveable as ever. 

Maya has been in literally everything. Probably an exaggeration – but she’s the kind of actor who pops up in a lot, and instantly makes anything she’s in 10 times better. You’ll recognise her as the Judge in The Good Place, Rapunzel in Shrek the Third and Gale in Licorice Pizza. 

Nick Kroll – Maury/Rick


Photo via Netflix

So, Maury is back, and having an existential crisis because he’s turning 40. Million, that is. Rick’s one liners are as amazing as ever; the whole sex/chex mix chant was actually one of the series highlights. 

Nick Kroll is the star of Big Mouth, playing the boy version of himself, as well as Lola Skumpy, Maury, Coach Steve and a ton of additional voices. He’s known for his comedy acting and voiceover skills, having previously starred in Sausage Party, Sing and The Addams Family reboot.

Ali Wong – Becca

ali wong

Photo via Netflix

Becca is one of the most sympathetic characters in cartoon HISTORY. Bojack Horseman is officially finished. This struggling new mum has a long journey ahead of her, and with Emmy as her love bug, she’s basically screwed. 

Ali Wong plays Ali, the first pansexual character in Big Mouth. She also stars as Bertie in Tuca and Bertie and various characters in Bojack Horseman. 

Bobby Cannavale – Gavin


Photo via Netflix

Listen, creepy Gavin just wants two things – sex, and for someone to chop his appendage off. Seriously – will you chop it off? 

Bobby Cannavale does an incredible job making a monster sound sexy (all while giving me The Ick at the same time), and he’s actually been in some HUGE films of late. He’s starred in The Irishman, Jumanji and Ant-Man, as well as Sing 2 and I, Tonya. 

Hugh Jackman – Dante

human resources cast

Photo via Netflix

LITERAL HUGH JACKMAN. I didn’t expect to hear Jean Valjean moaning, grunting and talking about bath salts anytime soon… but, you’re welcome. 

You probably know exactly where you recognise Hugh Jackman from – it’s Hugh Jackman. But, as a reminder: He played Wolverine, P.T Barnum in The Greatest Showman and, of course, the starring role in Les Misérables.

Thandiwe Newton – Mona

human resources cast

Photo via Netflix

Thandiwe returns as the insatiable Mona… who I have a bit of a crush on, actually. The Hollywood actor has previously starred in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Westworld – and she even did Line Of Duty, too. 

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