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Now it’s on Netflix, how well do you remember 17 Again? Take this quiz to find out

Aka the greatest movie of all time

Netflix decided to bless us all and added the movie 17 Again to the site and it quickly went straight into the top 10. The iconic movie from our early teenage years was one of Zac Efron’s first projects outside of High School Musical and starred a mega cast of Matthew Perry, Leslie Mann and Michelle Trachtenberg. Now that you’ve raced through the film in one night, just how well do you remember it? It’s time to find out with our trivia quiz.

17 Again tells the story of middle aged Mike who is in the process of a divorce and is bitterly unhappy about his life. He was a high school basketball player who gave up a future college scholarship after his girlfriend got pregnant. 17 years later, Mike has two kids and is about to be divorced from his wife who he is still very much in love with. After losing a promotion at work a spirit guide transforms him back to a teenager and Zac Efron graces our screen for the rest of the movie as an adult trapped in a teenager’s body. He’s convinced his new purpose is to become a basketball star but soon realises it’s actually to help his kids out with their futures.

The film is a full 90 minutes of Zac Efron, inappropriate flirting and the odd Lord of The Rings reference. So how much of the film can you remember? Take our 17 Again trivia quiz to find out:

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