Troy Bolton will only marry you if you get 22/26 on this bumper High School Musical quiz

Prove you’re a Wildcat by properly remembering all three HSM films

All three High School Musical films follow the same format: Troy and Gabriella are horny. Everyone wants to sing in some sort of show but Sharpay won’t let them. Chad and Troy play basketball, a lot. Taylor and Gabriella talk about being clever, a lot. Gabriella dramatically breaks up with Troy. Troy sings something angst-y. Ryan wears some very good hats. And then they all come back together at the end, sing something uplifting, and everything with Sharpay is suddenly and inextricably resolved.

But despite their somewhat predictability, you’re absolutely lying to yourself if you don’t think High School Musical gave us the three best films of all time. But how well do you actually remember HSM 1, 2 and 3? We all know Sharpay’s signature colour is pink, and the Wildcats chant goes “WHAT TEAM? WILDCATS!”, but how much of the really juicy HSM moments do you still know?

Like, what does Sharpay want imported from England in HSM 2’s most iconic song, Fabulous? Does Troy finally choose between basketball and singing in HSM 3?? And most importantly, why does Troy’s dad say “what the heck are those two DOING IN A TREE??!!!?!?!” in the first High School Musical?

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