QUIZ: Every High School Musical song is a banger, but do you remember the lyrics?

Do you know your Breaking Free from your Bet On It?

Cast your mind back to 2006: You’re in primary school, the iPhone hasn’t been invented yet and lo-rise jeans are the height of fashion. Then one day your mate tells you about this amazing new Disney Channel film: High School Musical. You beg your mum to go to her house after school (your parents refuse to pay for Sky), and you weep tears of joy when you finally get to watch HSM.

You and your mates watch HSM at every single sleepover, dancing around the living room and belting out the songs, which you know every single word to – and when the two next HSM films come out, you all rush to watch them and learn all the lyrics and dance moves to those, too. Now, of course, it’s 2020 and you’re in uni, not primary school, but the lyrics are still ingrained in your brain, like that black mould you can never quite scrape off the side of the shower. At one point (the best time of your life) you listened to the HSM songs every waking minute, so it’s only right that you’d still remember it.

But how well do you actually remember all the songs? To put your HSM knowledge to the test, take this quiz and fill in all the HSM lyrics:

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