Love In The Flesh cast

Meet the cast for Zara McDermott’s new BBC Three dating show Love In The Flesh

One of the couples have been messaging for FIVE years but never met omg

Ex-Love Island star Zara McDermott is the host of BBC Three’s brand new reality dating series called Love In The Flesh and the cast all look iconic. The show itself actually sounds WILD, it focuses on five couples who have all been messaging but never met in real life for different reasons. One couple have even been messaging for five years and never even FaceTimes – you cannot tell me this isn’t chaos.

Obviously all of them are really fit but it takes a certain person to fly out to Greece to meet the person they’ve been talking to behind a screen, so we can expect some drama for sure. Here’s everything you need to know about the Love In The Flesh cast including how long they’ve all been messaging for.

Millie and Shelby

Shelby and Millie, via Instagram

23-year-old Millie and 24-year-old Shelby have been messaging for ten months but never met. They did actually plan to meet up however Millie got into a horse-riding accident and she needed five surgeries and a metal cage to get her leg back on track.

During Millie’s recovery, she gained over 600,000 followers on TikTok however she fears her following is the reason behind podcaster Shelby wanting to date her.

Chibz and Shazelle

Chibz is a personal trainer and Shazelle is a receptionist. The pair were brought together by Instagram but they’ve never had the chance to meet because Shazelle has stood him up twice – savage. They’ve both been messaging each other for the last TWO years, how mad is that??

Christos and Niki

19-year-old Christos and 22-year-old Niki have been messaging for only three months. I say only because the other couples have gone way longer without meeting. Christos lives in Worcester and Niki is from Brighton which means their distance has been the thing to kept them apart. They’ve been FaceTiming a lot and started talking when Christos slid into her DMs.

Hannah and Brandon

Love In The Flesh cast

Brandon and Hannah, via Instagram

Hannah is a 24-year-old legal assistant and Brandon is a 23-year-old aspiring poet, they were messaging for six months before going onto this show. Apparently Brandon ended things two weeks in when Hannah said she was looking for something more serious. But thankfully their spark reignited and they’ve now found themselves in this position – perfect.

Jess and Kwame

Okay this is actually mad because Jess ad Kwame have been messaging for the last five years. But that’s not even the most shocking part because they revealed they haven’t even FaceTimed each other, let alone met. This has apparently made Jess feel as though Kwame could be a catfish. Kwame is a single man while Jess is a single parent and full-time carer who lives alone.

Love In The Flesh drops tonight on BBC Three. For all the latest TV news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook.

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