Selling Sunset season five release date announced by Netflix

Netflix announces season five of Selling Sunset is coming NEXT MONTH

This is not a drill!!!

Netflix has announced season five of Selling Sunset will be released next month!! The teaser for the new season came at the end of season four, so we knew new episodes were on the way, but now they are coming much quicker than we could ever have dreamed, with the confirmation of the Selling Sunset season five release date.

Announcing the news, Netflix said: “Drama! Drama! Drama! Selling Sunset finally returns with the premiere of Season 5 on April 22”.

The tweet showed the preview of the show we saw before, with Chrishell and Jason sharing they are in a relationship, which is going to be a big part of the new season. However, the pair have since split. It was said they ended the relationship because they had different wants regarding starting a family.

Their relationship becomes office gossip-fodder, with a clip for the new season showing Emma Hernan saying: “Did you guys hear the news?” Heather replies: “It’s insane to me. So weird, though. Exciting, but so …” Another major story line is the drama and  aftermath of Christine’s fallout with most of the other women at The Oppenheim Group – there’s a lot going on there right now.

Chrishell also posted a photo promoting the new season, with what looks like a new realtor joining the team. All of the cast members will be present in season five, including Christine who left in season four to have a baby and Davina who left to join another brokerage but then returned.

Get ready for more drama, office gossip and fights, celebrity clients and gorgeous listings!!!

The release date for Selling Sunset season five is April 22nd. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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