Jason Oppenheim has revealed why he and Chrishell hid their relationship on Selling Sunset

Yes, they were dating whilst filming season four – but Chrishell wanted to keep it a secret

In summer, Oppenheim Group founder Jason Oppenheim went official with one of our fav Selling Sunset realtors, Chrishell Stause. So when season four was released last month, lots of people were surprised to see there wasn’t any loved up content from the two of them. Yes, there were many glaring hints that they may have been at least starting to see each other in that way, but Jason has now finally spilled the tea on exactly what was going on between them during season four filming and the decisions they made about what to share.

Cutting straight to the chase, there was one main reason why the pair didn’t go public during season four on Netflix: Chrishell. In an interview with US Weekly, Jason said it was her decision to stay private, adding: “I think when [a relationship is] public, it puts a lot of added pressures and publicity and opinion. I think it’s nice to kind of start a relationship in the way that normal relationships kind of grow and progress. And that’s just between two people.”

Jason Oppenheim opens up about dating Chrishell Stause and hiding their relationship in Selling Sunset season four

via Instagram @chrishell.stause

He added that they did tell their closest family members and a few close friends, but were even selective over which colleagues they shared the news with. And we all know how much they love to gossip in that office!! “We told some close friends, but if you want to keep something private, you have to generally not tell too many people. It’s hard to keep a secret amongst a lot of people,” he said.

Later in the interview, Jason confessed he is in love with Chrishell (I’m crying) and that it was her decision as to when they would share the news with different people and let it be known for the wider audiences on Selling Sunset. “I followed her lead on things, and I respected her decision making on that,” he said. It looks like season five is going to be when the show focuses on their new found love, with the teaser for the new episodes showing them announcing the news to everyone and kissing.

Jason said their news has been received by friends and family really well. “Everyone was super supportive,” he told US Weekly. “I mean, as we knew they would be. We share such close mutual friends, which is also great in many ways as well. Cause when we’re hanging out with our friends, we’re both hanging out with our friends.”

Jason Oppenheim opens up about dating Chrishell Stause and hiding their relationship in Selling Sunset season four

via Instagram @jasonoppenheim

The news of their relationship came in July 2021, when they shared some loved up pics on holiday on their Instagram accounts. Jason said there had been paparazzi following them around Italy, so they wanted to be sure to share the news themselves before it was put in papers. The trip happened just after filming had wrapped for season four, and Chrishell and Jason were very much together whilst filming had taken place.

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