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Were Chrishell and Jason dating in Selling Sunset season four? Here are all the clues

Sorry but how the hell did we miss these?

Last summer Chrishell Stause had the entire world in a chokehold when she casually announced she was actually dating her boss, Jason Oppenheim. But now we have all (kind of) got used to the iconic couple and we’ve all started watching season four of Selling Sunset, we’re gutted to notice there’s nothing between the couple that screams romance. Or is there? Mega fans of the show who watch it like hawks have noticed small moments between Chrishell and Jason which suggest they were dating at the time they filmed season four which was way before Chrishell announced the relationship.

So in case you missed it or you were too busy focussing on how the hell Christine wore heels just hours before giving birth or which twin was Brett and which one was Jason, here are all the signs that Jason and Chrishell were dating during season four:

1. Jason’s reaction to Simu Lio being in the office

This must have been sooooo awkward, right? Jason seemed to be getting quite annoyed that Chrishell was making a big fuss over Simu Lio. I mean, to be fair to Chrishell, Simu is a very fit Marvel movie star so obviously anyone in their right mind would get a little flustered.

But what’s actually really jokes about this is when you see Chrishell and Simu talking, Jason decided to announce he just sold a house – classic move, classic flex.

2. Jason helped Chrishell get her first home

Following her divorce from actor Justin Hartley, Chrishell buys her first house. But just as she’s trying to secure her new home, Jason was telling everyone how important it was that it was her first home. It felt like he really cared about Chrishell getting her dream home.

3. Chrishell rejected the guy at the boat party


Also at the moment in time, Jason said she looked HOT. Which seems preeeetty suspect if you ask me considering he is her boss.

4. Chrishell couldn’t stop watching Jason who was looking at Christine’s baby

Chrishell’s jaw might as well have been on the floor at this point. She couldn’t stop gazing at him. This is just more evidence that their romance had already kick started at this point.

5. Chrishell gave a very cryptic speech at the end

In her speech at the end of season four, she mentioned “finding people in places you wouldn’t expect.” Places like The Oppenheim Group, perhaps?

6. They kiss during the trailer for season five

Chrishell and Jason dating

via Netflix

At the end of season four, we see a small trailer for season five and in it Chrishell says: “We’re not criminals, we’re not doing anything wrong” and then it cuts to a shot of them two kissing! It’s madness.

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