Meet the Leeds Beckett University dropout making millions from OnlyFans

Some subscribers ask her to pour baked beans on herself

A former student who dropped out of university to focus on her OnlyFans has made over £2m after creating content on the platform.

Kaya Corbridge, 25, quit her international relations degree at Leeds Beckett University back in 2017.

Now, she has 98.3k subscribers and says that in bad month she’ll make around £40k. Her best-performing month was January 2022 when she made £83k.


Kaya promotes her content on TikTok

Kaya told LeedsLive: “I’ve had people asking me to shave my hair off, I’ve had invites to people’s weddings which is a bit strange. These people have never met me.

“There are food fetishes, where people want me to pour beans on myself, there’s a giant fetish where people want me to pretend that I’m a giant and I’m squashing them. So in that, I use the camera angle on the floor to make me look bigger and like use a little Lego man that they pretend is them.

“It doesn’t feel strange at all anymore. Nothing surprises me anymore, it’s just normal for me now.”

Kaya uses TikTok to promote her content and regularly amasses over a million views on videos.

@kayadoez Oh well plenty more fish in the sea 🎣 #single #fypシ #nightout #datingfail #tinder ♬ Make Me Feel Good – Belters Only & Jazzy

She’s used her new-found fortune to fund her travels, her sister’s education and her brother’s new house.

“I’ve always said that I’ll stop when the money stops but it doesn’t stop – it just gets better,” Kaya told LeedsLive. “When I first started people did not know what OnlyFans was. But it was the pandemic that made things soar. Now everyone knows someone who uses it.

“I don’t think there’s competition though. There’s enough money out there for us all and you’ve just got to go and take it. I do want to put some more roots down now though and focus on the business.”

Kaya doesn’t regret dropping out of uni but thinks that others should be careful before doing the same. “It’s something you’ve really got to think about. I did it to earn extra money because I literally couldn’t afford to be at university and feed myself. I didn’t have help doing that,” Kaya said. “I had the highest loan but I still didn’t have enough money to pay for my rent. It depends on your situation.

“For other people, I’d say think carefully if you’re wanting to earn extra money at university. Obviously, you’re at university because you want a certain career, while I went just to go university because everyone else was.

“This is perfect for me because I get to work for myself, travel the world, do all the work from my phone. It’s comfortable for me but once you do it there’s no going back.

“It has worried me in the past but because of how much I’ve made now and the way I invest my money I’ve kind of set myself up for life. Not everyone will have the same success as that though – I’ve been here since early on and I think it would’ve been much harder if I’d started now.”

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