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These are the Too Hot To Handle cast members who are on OnlyFans

Just gonna subscribe to Peter’s account real quick 👀

Season two of Too Hot To Handle is essentially a real life OnlyFans, there’s a bunch of attractive models walking around in next to nothing and doing all kinds of saucy acts. And it turns out some of this year’s contestants really do have OnlyFans accounts.

You’re already following the cast on TikTok and Instagram, so you might as well have a peak at their content on OnlyFans. The site is a subscription based service that allows fans to pay for exclusive content from their favourite creators. Mainly this is NSFW images and videos, but occasionally there’s some more wholesome content on there too.

These are the season two Too Hot To Handle cast members who are on OnlyFans:


via Instagram @petervigilante

So far Peter is the only male cast member to have an OnlyFans account. You can subscribe to Peter’s account for $30 a month and he has just under 500 fans currently subscribing. As a TikToker Peter naturally has every other social media account going including Snapchat and Cameo.


via Instagram @kaylajean.official

Why is everyone in the villa sleeping on Kayla? She’s a goddess. Anyway Kayla also has an OnlyFans. It appears Kayla only recently joined the subscription service as she has only posted three times. It costs $15 a month to access Kayla’s exclusive content.


via Instagram @carlylawrence_

Carly first joined OnlyFans in April this year ahead of Too Hot To Handle. It costs $9.99 a month to subscribe to Carly’s exclusive content. OnlyFans isn’t the only social media platform Carly is on, she also has accounts on Twitter, Fanchella and TikTok.


Ok so this isn’t technically OnlyFans but the latest bombshell Christina Carmela has an account on UnLok. The site is similar to OnlyFans in that people have to pay for exclusive content. It costs $20 a month to subscribe and Christina regularly posts videos and photos to the site.

The first four episodes of season two of Too Hot To Handle are available on Netflix now, with the rest dropping on June 30th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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