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Meet Christina and Robert, Too Hot To Handle’s newest bombshells

Christina speaks three languages and is a certified pilot

Too Hot To Handle season two has officially kicked off on Netflix with the first four episodes dropping on the platform yesterday. And if you’ve already raced through to episode three, you’ll know the arrival of two bombshells – Christina and Robert – caused quite a stir in the Too Hot To Handle house.

The first few episodes saw the 10 Too Hot To Handle contestants arrived at the Turks and Caicos villa only to find out they couldn’t shag the very attractive people they’d met moments earlier unless they wanted to lose $20k. And if that wasn’t chaotic enough, producers threw in two bombshells to really spice things up.

Christina Carmela, a 30-year-old South African pilot was the first new arrival, swiftly followed by 29-year-old Brit Robert Van Tromp. This is everything you need to know about them:

Christina Carmela

Christina is so far the oldest contestant on Too Hot To Handle season two at 30 years old. She’s from South Africa and her father is Italian and her mum is Portuguese. Thanks to her mixed heritage she can speak three languages – English, Italian and Afrikaans.

Christina is a qualified pilot who used to work for Susi Air, but lost her job during the pandemic. During an interview with HeyBoo, Christina said she wants to encourage more women to get into aviation. She said: “I always say I have to work double as hard for half the credit. It was a lot worse when I started flying over eight years ago but now it’s better!

“It’s way more common to have females in the cockpit now. It could be better, of course, that’s why I’m trying to encourage and inspire as many girls and women to get into it.”

Now though she seems to be working more on Instagram where has over 60,000 followers. Her Instagram handle is @christinacamerlaofficial for all those who want to see more. Christina is also a model and used to be in beauty pageants when she was younger.

Robert Van Tromp

via Instagram @robertvantromp

The second bombshell of episode three is Robert Van Tromp who is a 29-year-old Brit. Robert used to be a professional swimmer but now works as a salesman. Robert attended Surrey University where he studied international hospitality management. During his time there he was the captain of the swimming and water polo teams.

He looks like he spends a lot of time travelling the world and posts regularly on his Instagram to his near 7,000 followers. If you want to find his Instagram, this is his handle @robertvantromp.

The first four episodes of season two of Too Hot To Handle are available on Netflix now, with the rest dropping on June 30th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

Featured image credits via Instagram @christiniacarmelaofficial, @robertvantromp

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