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Take a look inside the wild TikTok accounts of this year’s Too Hot To Handle cast

Looks like Peter isn’t the only one with a big TikTok following👀

Netflix has dropped the first four epidoes of Too Hot to Handle today and people are already lapping it up. We’ve already seen how sexy they are on the show and on Instagram, so here are this year’s Too Hot to Handle cast TikTok accounts that you need to be following.

This year’s cast members are from all over the world and they all come from a mix of professions. There’s even an American football pro-athlete and a lawyer in the mix. We know they’re all painfully sexy from looking at their Instagram photos but their TikTok content is better because it’s them being sexy whilst moving.

Anyway, here are a list of the season two Too Hot to Handle cast TikTok accounts:

Peter Vigilante

TikTok handle: @peter_vigilante

Let’s start off strong with Peter, the youngest of the bunch and the most famous one on TikTok.

In total, Peter has a whopping great 2.2 million followers and has gathered over 60 million likes across all of his videos.

His most popular video should come as no suprise to us because it’s a thirst trap. He stands shirtless as he drinks red wine which spills down his front onto his boxers.

@peter_vigilanteReply to @ariabbruzzese lmao what next!?Wine content till the end! Click link in bio for all accounts! Follow back on gram all night!♬ I See Red – Everybody Loves An Outlaw

Get some water luv, you’re looking a bit parched xx

Cam Holmes

TikTok handle: @camholmess

Cam is our Welsh hero, he’s reached over 20,000 followers on Instagram but over on TikTok he’s hitting 7,500 followers.

@camholmessChasing those sunsets 🌅♬ Better Khalid – samu_mrcio

He’s posted 16 videos and I’m not going to lie, he looks STUNNING in every single one of them.

Carly Lawrence

TikTok handle: @carlylawrence6

Carly is the youngest female contestant on this years season of Too Hot to Handle. Whilst she has over 13,000 followers on Instagram, on TikTok she only has 199.

@carlylawrence6What am i doing♬ original sound – Carly Lawrence

Chase DeMoor

TikTok handle: @chasedemoor

Chase is a 24-year-old American pro footballer so of course his TikTok is just sporting videos. But he’s got over 1 million followers for posting that kind of content so fairs xx

Kayla Jean

TikTok handle: @kaylajean.official

Kayla seems very fun! She’s just like any other girl, loves Harry Styles and her mates and shit posting about both of those things onto TikTok. She only has 74 followers but her content seems the most relatable.

@kaylajean.officialClearly I didn’t get on Too Hot To Handle because of my dancing lmao. But manifesting that one day Harry Styles notices me ##toohotohandle ##fyp♬ Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

Emily Faye Miller

TikTok handle: @emilyfayemiller

@emilyfayemillerHot girl summer calling👅 ##hotgirlsummer🧚🏽‍♂️ ##hotgirl ##toohotohandle♬ original sound – Quintara_Couture

Emily only has 14 videos but she’s got over 11,000 likes which is pretty good. She posts quite a lot of dog content but that’s okay because her dog, Twix, is adorable.

Marvin Anthony

TikTok handle: @marvin.anthony_

Marvin is another big name on TikTok with over 145,000 followers and almost 830,000 likes. He posts fun little dances like this one and changes his captions up from being written in French and English which is……

@marvin.anthony_Je vous annonce mon arrivée dans les Princes de l’Amour demain sur W9 🤴 À votre avis quelle sera ma princesse ? 🙈 #pourtoi #foryou #lpdla8♬ son original – Habituetoi

Since revealing he was joining the THTH season two cast, his TikTok content has been mainly focused on that.

Nathan Webb

TikTok handle: @nathankwebb

If you’re looking for some thirst traps then Nathan is your man to follow. He only has six videos but he’s got over 44,000 followers and almost 280,000 likes.

@nathankwebbCheck her booty wiggle 🐶 ##fyp ##dog ##dogsoftiktok ##hipstrend♬ Ha Ha Ha – 𝑷𝒐𝒑𝒑𝒆♡

Melinda Melrose

TikTok handle: @melinda_melrose

Doing it for the ladies is our Instagram verified queen, Melinda Melrose. She has over 270,000 TikTok followers and 4.5 million likes acorss her videos.

She posts videos of her strutting down the steet in a glam outift – she’s SO iconic.

@melinda_melroseJust a casual day with some street encouragement🥰 ##iCarlyAffirmation ##PrimeDayShowPJParty ##28XTREMES ##fypシ♬ My X – Rae Sremmurd

Her bio says: “They told me I was too short to be a runway model so I created my own”.

Larissa Trownson

TikTok handle: @larissatrownson

Suprisingly Larissa doesn’t have least amount of followers out of all the other contestants even though she has posted nothing at all.

The only other THTH cast member she’s following is Peter…..which is…..interesting xx

The first four episodes of season two of Too Hot To Handle are available on Netflix now, with the rest dropping on June 30th. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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