Why are people posting the moon on their birthday on TikTok? And how do I calculate mine?

Apparently you can even tell your soulmate through it!

Recently, you’d be forgiven for thinking there’s been some huge lunar event if your FYP is anything to go by. But panic over – nothing’s happened to the moon, it’s because people all over TikTok are now using an online calculator to find out what phase the moon was in on the day they were born. According to people on TikTok (and astrologists), your birthday moon phase can tell you a lot about yourself.

What does ‘moon phase’ even mean and why is it all over TikTok?

People have been using the moon, stars and planets to tell them things for centuries – just look at how much people love horoscopes and learning about their birth charts. Similarly, knowing what phase the moon was in when you were born can apparently tell you about some of your personality traits.

There are eight different moon phases, and with each of these comes different traits and characteristics, according to the AstroTwins. There’s new moon (of which people born under are spontaneous and impulsive); waxing crescent (creative, loyal and traditional); first quarter (intelligent and intuitive); waxing gibbous (passionate); full moon (confident leaders); waning gibbous (unique and innovative); last quarter (independent and self-sufficient); and waning crescent (spiritual).

People on TikTok are also comparing their birth date moon phase to that of their partner’s, to see if they fit together – apparently you’re soulmates if they complete each other, and twin flames if your birthday moons are the same.

Here’s how to do the birthday moon phase calculator trend you’ve seen all over TikTok:

Use an online moon phase calculator to find what yours was like on your birthday – like this one on Moon Glow (click the “find your moon” button up the top). Just simply but in your date of birth and it will show you what the moon was like when you were born! You can also use mooncalendar.astro-seek – scroll down to the bottom, click on the year you were born and then at the top select the month. Scroll to the dat and voila – you can see what the moon looked like on that day!

Some people on TikTok are also using the Lunaf lunar calculator to find their moon phases (scroll to the bottom and click on the year you were born) – but this doesn’t show the moon before 2001, so don’t try this website unless you are firmly in Gen Z.

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