Subliminals are the newest TikTok method to apparently manifest everything you want

People use them to gain anything from confidence to money, but others say there’s a dangerous side to them

Move over sigils, Grabovoi numbers and the 3, 6, 9 method – subliminals are the latest manifestation method all over TikTok. People say they’ve used them for everything from changing their appearance and getting clear skin, to becoming more confident and even getting money.

They’ve been called a manifestation technique where you can “manifest anything without doing anything”. One TikTok user says she manifested her “whole entire life from subliminals”. However, some users are urging others to “please be careful” when using them, and even the creators of some subliminals call them “extreme”. But what are subliminals, what are people saying about them, and do they even work?

They work by reconfiguring your subconscious mind. You can say manifestations and affirmations consciously (by actively thinking about, saying or writing them), but sometimes it’s hard to actually believe them. Subliminals can apparently put these ideas straight into your subconscious, helping you truly believe what the affirmations are saying.

What are subliminals and do they actually work like people on TikTok are saying?

Subliminals are essentially affirmations that are played on a loop. They’re spoken out loud and usually sped-up with music or beats played over the top of them – you can’t actually consciously hear what they are saying.

But because your subconsious mind can supposedly pick up on them, people who use subliminals say they can make you actually believe them to be true and in your present reality. Often subliminals are played for hours on a loop, so many people listen to them at night whilst they sleep.

The TikTok user said: “They work, I promise you, for fame, for money”. She says you need to listen to subliminals every day for at least a month to see results, and it can help “boost” other manifestation techniques – you can use them alongside visualisation, for example.

Many different subliminals are posted on TikTok and YouTube, seemingly there to help you manifest absolutely anything you could ever want. A quick search shows ones for confidence, happiness, love and success.

However, there’s also a darker side to subliminals, with certain ones promising apparent miracle cures. Titles include “powerful surreal beauty”, “extreme glow up”, and ones for dangerous weight loss.

tiktok subliminals

Many of these types of subliminals have words such as “caution”, “warning” and “extreme” written in their titles.

The comments on some of these videos include people urging others to “please be careful”, and there are multiple TikTok and YouTube videos of people talking about what they wish they’d known before listening to subliminals.

Other people warn against certain harmful subliminals, which people may make you unknowingly listen to – after all, you can’t actually hear what the subliminals are.

“Subliminal advertising” by companies to promote their products is banned in the UK, but subliminals are used by self-help communities such as those on TikTok. Some studies suggest any changes from subliminals are actually the placebo effect, but other research has shown our brain does actually respond to subliminal messages in ways that are measurable.

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