Depop launches new feature allowing users to ‘make an offer’ and negotiate price

It says Make Offer will make negotiations quicker and simpler

Depop is the home of Asda pizzas£12,000 bralettes, and a whole LOAD of drama. And now the marketplace app has launched a new feature, which allows buyers to easily “make an offer” on any listing.

The new Make Offer feature will help buyers get the best deals possible by making negotiations easier, quicker and more accessible, Depop says.

Many sales on Depop are already made with negotiated prices, done by DMs between the buyer and seller. With the new Make Offer feature, Depop aims to make the whole thing more simple and allow buyers and sellers to easily agree on a price.

depop make offer

Example screenshots of how Make Offer will work, via Depop

Make Offer will show up on the Depop app, right next to the current Buy button. It will be available to all buyers and sellers around the world very soon – by mid-January, Depop says.

Example screenshots sent to The Tab via Depop show that once you click on Make Offer, you’re taken to a page where you can type in any number to make an offer to the seller. This is then sent to the seller, who has 24 hours to either accept or reject your offer, and you will be notified either way.

Mal Minhas, VP Product at Depop, said: “It’s now easier than ever to find amazing deals on Depop. We know that achieving the right price is a key part of the Depop experience, and this feature will make unique, preloved fashion finds even more accessible – helping buyers to find look-good fashion at feel-good prices.”

Featured image via Instagram @depop // Depop user esmayildiz (@esmayildiz.99 on Instagram)

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