Someone on Depop is selling bandeaus made out of social distancing train signs

She truly is the most resourceful of all the Depop girls

You can find just about anything on Depop: Asda pizzas, £12,000 bralettes and a whole load of annoying sellers. But now Depop Drama has found what is quite possibly the wildest one yet: A bandeau crop top, made out of social distancing signs taken off the back of train seats.

Yes, you read that right. A crop top made out of train social distancing signs, sold on Depop. Depop Drama posted it on their Twitter and Instagram with the caption “I am lost for words” and, quite frankly, same.

via Twitter @depopdrama

The picture? A leopard print background Carole Baskin herself would be proud of, and a girl with a belly button piercing wearing a sky blue bandeau crop top. Across the top it says “Keep this seat free to maintain social distancing when possible”, and there’s a graphic of two people sat on a train, leaving an empty seat between them. Because, you know, social distancing.

At the very bottom, just visible, is the logo of Chiltern Railways, which is in fact a train company that operates around north London, Oxford, Warwick and Birmingham.

The Depop caption says: “Social distancing children railways [Chiltern Railways??] crop, got a few of these can do different sizes. Message me before buying or with questions/offers.” The top’s apparently size 10, and the condition is “used – good”. I guess it has been used before – except, uhh, by a train seat rather than a person.

You can have one of these of your very own, for the reasonable sum of £15.

The post has now unfortunately been taken down off Depop, and Depop Dramas has blacked out the original poster’s username, so heartbreakingly there’s no way of finding the Depop seller or knowing what was running through their head when they made the crop tops.

If this was you, I am quite literally begging you please get in touch with me (email [email protected] or slide into our DMs). 

via Twitter @depopdrama

I have, and I cannot stress this enough, so many questions. When did they decide to take the signs – was it a spark of inspiration on the train, or did they pre-plan their newest Depop venture with the precision of an army general marching into war? How many social distancing signs did the Depop user take? Did they just go down the whole section of the train? Was anyone watching, and if so, what did they say? Did anyone on Depop actually buy the bandeaus??? And perhaps most importantly: Did they wash the signs before turning them into tops? (Please god, I hope they did.)

As there’s just no way of knowing what the Depop user was doing, here’s what I think probably happened, based on absolutely no evidence. It’s rude to use “she” all the time, so let’s call Depop girl Sarah.

Having now studied the Chiltern Railways routes and destinations page, I believe Sarah lives in Oxford with her family and pet Labrador. She’s a second year at uni somewhere like Leeds and, like students up and down the country, she’s now stuck at home for the foreseeable future thanks to lockdown. She’s sick of her mum and her older brother, and just wants to be back on the sesh with her mates again.

I’m guessing Sarah’s alone on a boring train journey, looking through her 2019 club pics and reminiscing about the good old days. Then she decides to scroll through the Urban Outfitters sale. An announcement comes over the tannoy, and Sarah looks up. Aha! She spies the social distancing signs, and like a bolt of lightning the inspiration strikes her. “Oh my god”, she thinks to herself, “I can do this. Better call Tan France and Alexa Chung, because I really am next in fashion.”

Or, you know, something like that. Possibly. Maybe.

Sarah, I say this directly to you: Please get in touch to tell me what really happened.

Someone on Twitter has tagged Chiltern Railways, the train company who originally had the social distancing bands on their seats. They then tweeted saying “thanks for letting us know about this, we’ve raised to the relevant team”.

Some people on Twitter are praising the Depop user, calling her a “genius” and saying “I love the resourcefulness of Depop girls”.

Others are questioning it, saying “I want you guys to imagine being on the train and then you see somebody put this in their bag”, and saying she needs to “chill”. Either way, everyone is utterly obsessed with Depop girl and her Chiltern Railways train crop top.

Are you the person who made a crop top out of Chiltern Railways train social distancing signs and then listed them on Depop? We’d love to talk! Please email [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @thetab_

Featured image via Instagram @depopdrama

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