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We spoke to the girl who is selling an Asda pizza for £80 on Depop

And you thought Domino’s was overpriced

People on Depop are always trying to sell the weirdest stuff. From Jeremy Corybn nail art, Zara shopping bag Halloween costumes to a £12,000 bralette that someone actually sent the money for, there is no end to the strange items people will try and get some money out of on Depop. But now we’ve officially found the worst – an Asda meatball pizza for £80. Talk about a high markup price.

Over the weekend someone on Twitter found the overpriced pizza and shared it with the world. Naturally the tweet went viral, because who doesn’t love an £80 pizza?

The description for the pizza said it was originally priced at £3.50 but now they wanted to sell it on for a friend who wanted to get rid of it because they preferred their Chicago Town pizza from Tesco.

They said: “Asda deep pan pizza (meatballs) for sale this is the last meatball toppings one they now sold out. So hard to get this, cost my friend £3.50, but with this one in particular selling out, I’m taking offers for her for around £80.

“I’m selling for a friend so don’t complain to me about the price, I think it’s reasonable with this kind of pizza being so popular and sold out now. She is selling as decided she prefers the Chicago Town pizza she brought from Tesco.”

We spoke to Depop user Lauren Chappell who had listed the pizza on her account as joke. When asked if she was genuinely hoping to sell the pizza, she told The Tab “obviously not”.

Many eagle eyed viewers on Twitter noticed the pizza had an expiry date of 8th November 2015, which either meant Lauren had been holding onto this pizza for a long time and it somehow hadn’t gone disgustingly mouldy, or the picture was from a few years ago.

Lauren told us it was the latter option, she had posted it a few years ago and didn’t know why she was “getting so many messages all of a sudden.”

She told The Tab the pizza had been put up on Depop as a joke taking the piss out of Depop sellers who overcharge.

She said: “It’s a joke taking the Michael out of people over charging on here and ripping people off, maybe it was more of a thing back in 2015 but people got it then.”

Hilariously Lauren, who said she doesn’t have the pizza anymore, is now a vegan and so she wouldn’t even buy the meatball pizza from Asda today.

And if you were hoping to lay your hands on the five year old pizza, you will be disappointed as Lauren said Depop had removed the pizza from her account. Or you could just head to your local Asda where prices for pizza start at a very considerable £0.70.

Since all the fascination with her expensive pizza, Lauren uploaded the ad for the pizza on Depop again.

But this time she raised the price to £85 and listed the condition of the item as “used – good”. Might consider dropping her a DM for it.

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