Davids dead Celebrity Big Brother

David’s dead, so take this quiz and we’ll tell you which CBB housemate reaction you are

Happy sixth birthday to the most iconic moment in British TV history

Today is a very important day in the British historical calendar, as today marks six whole years since the most iconic television moment of the modern age unfolded in front of our very eyes. I am, of course, talking about ‘David’s dead’ – a farce of the highest order that the greatest playwrights and scriptwriters of our time could not even hope of writing. Everything about the Shakespearean comedic tragedy unfolds with reality TV majesty, and everyone’s reaction to Tiffany Pollard misunderstanding that Angie is telling her about the death of David Bowie and not that of housemate David Gest is the thing production dreams are made of. This begs the age-old question: Which of the iconic reactions from the Celebrity Big Brother housemates to “David’s dead” are you?

Will you be the devastating and panic stricken Angie Bowie trying to sort her poor choice of confidant? Will you be the fever pitch Tiffany Pollard, running round the house and squawking as you think your housemate is lying dead in another room? Will you be the silently shocked panning head of Gemma Collins? The aghast Christopher Maloney? The know it all raspy shouts of Danniella Westbrook? The ‘dad’ll fix it’ post-shower problem solver vibes of John Partridge? Or will you do a David Gest and spend the entire pandemonium lay in your bed? Only one way to know for sure on this hallowed anniversary, and that’s by taking this quiz to see which “David’s dead” Celebrity Big Brother reaction you are after all:

Watch the full chaotic moment here.

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