Iconic Big Brother episodes are coming to E4 with narrations from Davina and Rylan

British public please don’t swear

There’s no denying that these last few months have taken a toll. You’ve gone on a government-issue sex ban, you’re missing your uni and after endless hours on Netflix, new shows have undoubtedly dried up. But fear not, for there is finally some good news – Big Brother is coming back to E4! Well, sort of.

This summer marks the iconic show’s 20th anniversary, and Channel 4 are bringing the goods. It has been revealed that a selection of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother juiciest episodes will soon be available to stream on E4, with new added commentary by presenting icons Davina McCall and Rylan Clark-Neal. Introducing: Big Brother Best Shows Ever Show!

The exact release date and episodes included in the show have not yet been revealed, but what is a few more weeks of waiting?

Big Brother premiered in 2000 and ran on Channel 4 for a 11 series, before moving to Channel 5 in 2011 for a further seven.

The OG lockdown show saw strangers placed in the Big Brother House together and the drama created itself. Who could forget Nasty Nick trying to cheat his way to the win, Jade Goody’s charming lack of general knowledge, or Makosi’s potential hot tub pregnancy? Absolute TV gold.

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