What percentage Emily Cooper are you, really? Take this quiz to find out

Prepare to feel seen by this


We’ve established by now that Emily Cooper from Emily in Paris is one of the worst characters ever. She’s undeniably annoying, ignorant with her views towards French culture, an awful friend and really, just not very good at her job in social media and marketing. But, we can’t help but love watching every single second of her life. She’s an awful hot mess, but she’s our hot mess. So whilst you might not want to be like her, this quiz is about to tell you just how much like the Emily in Paris gal herself you are.

Are you destined to be a loud and proud American girl in Paris, working all over the socials and annoying everyone in your path as you do? Or are you the complete other end of the spectrum? It’s time to find out once and for all. In the quiz below you just have to answer 10 simple questions and we’ll tell you just how much like Miss Emily in Paris you really are. Apologies in advance if you score 100 per cent, but some of us have to.

Take this quiz to see what percentage Emily Cooper from Emily in Paris you truly are:

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