Stop drooling over Alfie and Gabriel, and enjoy these 31 Emily in Paris season three memes

It’s about time we admitted this show is nothing without Sylvie and Luc

Season three of Emily in Paris has been released on Netflix, which means we’ve had another round of drama, love triangles and memes on Twitter. Naturally, the show has been more trashy than ever in these episodes, and we’ve all been lapping it up in our Christmas PJs on the sofa.

Another seasons has all the more confirmed Sylvie and Luc are the best characters ever, we are still a world divided over team Gabriel or team Alfie, and don’t even talk to me about how the season ends – I’m not ready to process it all.

Here are all the best memes and reactions about season three of Emily in Paris on Netflix.

1. She is incredible ok

2. Give me a season every year until the end of time

3. Get him a spinoff!!

Best memes about season three of Emily in Paris on Netflix

4. Adulterer!!!


6. The trio who carry this show

Best memes about season three of Emily in Paris on Netflix

7. Just look at him!


9. It’s simply not fair://


11. The queen of the world

12. Iconic as per x

13. Left no crumbs

14. I mean, yes

15. Wowing!

16. YES

17. Our loves!

18. Looooool

19. I’m too TIRED for this

20. Accurate though

21. I love them

22. Hahahahaha

23. THEM

24. Preach!

25. I’d back it

26. Yikes!

27. ://

28. The way I gasped at this scene

29. Yes!!!!

30. Always x

31. Pls leave me alone whilst I think about this x

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