Emily in Paris cast net worths: Who is the show’s richest star?

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Emily in Paris is all about Parisian luxury and living it up in the French capital. Emily Cooper spends her days in expensive, and sometimes ridiculous clothing, drinking in fancy bars and not doing that much work for her high-end marketing company. But what about the cast members in real life? How do they live? It’s time to find out the net worths of the biggest stars in the Emily in Paris cast.

The show contains loads of big names, from huge actors worth tens of millions to dancers and models. Here are the net worths of all the main cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix, ranked by who is the richest.

9. Samuel Arnold – $1million (£740k)

The net worths of all the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix

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Samuel Arnold, who plays Julien, is reportedly worth $1million. The French actor and dancer was born and raised in Paris, but moved to London quite recently. He returned to Paris to film the Netflix series.

8. Bruno Gouery – $1million (£740k)

The net worths of all the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix

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Bruno Gouery, who plays Luc, also has a reported net worth of $1million. The actor also played Didier in The White Lotus.

7. Camille Razat – $1million (£740k)

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French actress, Camille Razat, plays Camille in Emily in Paris and is also known for playing Lea Morel in French drama The Disappearance. She is also a model, and has an estimated net worth of $1million.

6. Lucas Bravo – $1.5million (£1.1million)

Lucas Bravo, who plays Gabriel, has an estimated net worth of around $1.5million. He’s best known for the Netflix series, but has also worked as a model.

5. Ashley Park – $2million (£1.66million)

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Ashley Park, who plays Mindy in Emily in Paris, has a reported net worth of $2million. As well as being in the Netflix show, she starred as Gretchen in Mean Girls The Musical and has appeared in a number of Broadway shows. Yes, she actually can sing as well as she does on Emily in Paris!

4. Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu – $5million (£4.1million)

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Sylvie, is also thought to be worth around $5million. The French actress has been in a number of shows as well as Emily in Paris, including Call My Agent! and she played the title role of the French film Natalia. She also made a brief appearance in the latest season of The Crown.

3. Lucien Laviscount – $7million (£5.15million)

Lucien Laviscount

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According to IdolNetWorth, Lucien Laviscount is up next with a net worth of $7million. The actor joined Emily in Paris season two as Emily’s love interest Alfie. Lucien has also starred in some pretty iconic British TV shows such as Waterloo Road and Grange Hill. He’s also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

2. Kate Walsh – $20million (£14.71million)

Kate Walsh

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Kate Walsh plays Madeline in Emily in Paris and has a net worth of $20million, according to CelebrityNetWorth. She’s a very well known actress, having been in shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why and The Umbrella Academy. Kate Walsh is reportedly paid up to $175k per episode for top shows she is in.

1. Lily Collins – $25million (£18.7million)

The net worths of all the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix, Lily Collins

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It’s no surprise that the Emily in Paris cast member with the highest of all the net worths is Lily Collins. She’s a mega star actress who has been in loads of TV shows and films. She’s the daughter of musician Phil Collins and she also has some investments in property to her name, too. She reportedly gets paid around $3million per series of Emily in Paris.

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