Which Emily in Paris guy would you end up with? Take this quiz to find out

Team Alfie, please


Emily in Paris is trashy and it knows it is. The high glam status of Savoir is just for show, and we all know one of the main attractions are the very good looking guys in the show – all of which seem to fancy Emily Cooper. But imagine for a few minutes that every objectively hot guy in Emily in Paris is fighting over you – this quiz is about to tell you which one you’d be best suited to.

Do you dream of living your best French life with Gabriel and don’t care about the risk of him looking elsewhere? Or maybe you want a fun and happy life going on dates down the pub and romantic walks with Alfie? Perhaps all you want is an easy life with someone who will make you laugh all day like Luc, or you want nothing more than a man who can offer you the world and spoil you rotten, like Antoine or even Nicolas?

But, unfortunately, you can only have one of the many eligible guys in Emily in Paris, so let this quiz tell you exactly who that is meant to be.

Take this quiz to see which guy from Emily in Paris you would end up with:

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