This is how old all the cast of Emily in Paris are in real life

There’s a 14-year age gap between the actors who play Sylvie and Antoine


Emily in Paris is one of those shows we all love to hate. It’s trashy, the plot is thin and the characters are annoying. But it’s ours and we love it. And with a trashy Netflix series comes the immediate obsession with everything to do with it, and of course the cast members. So you probably do care for the ages of the all Emily in Paris cast members in real life, don’t you?

How old even are these people? Sometimes I look at Lily Collins playing Emily Cooper and think she oozes youth and could be a 16-year-old intern at Savoir. Here are all the ages of the cast of Emily in Paris on Netflix.

Lily Collins – Emily Cooper

Age: 33

The real life ages of the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix, Lily Collins

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In real life, Lily Collins is slightly older than her character Emily Cooper, aged 33. Lily might be American and have a very strong accent, but she was actually born in Surrey, in the UK. Yes, her father is famous musician Phil Collins.

Lucas Bravo – Gabriel

Age: 34

French actor Lucas Bravo plays dishy chef Gabriel in Emily in Paris. He was born in March 1988, making him 34-years-old. You won’t be at all surprised to know he’s a model as well as an actor. Just don’t get too obsessed with him, he’s come out and said he outright hates being famous. Yikes.

Ashley Park – Mindy

Age: 31

The real life ages of the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix, Ashley Park

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Ashley Park, who plays who should be everyone’s favourite person and the real main character of Emily in Paris, is 31 in real life. She was born in California in 1991 and she actually can sing in real life! She’s a dancer too, just in case you needed any more of a reason to stan.

Camille Razat – Camille

Age: 28

Camille Razat

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Camille Razat, who plays Camille, is the youngest in the main Emily in Paris cast. The French-born model and actress was born in Toulouse in March 1994.

Lucien Laviscount – Alfie

Age: 30

The real life ages of the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix, Lucien Laviscount

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Lucien Laviscount, who season two’s new character Alfie, is 30 in real life. He’s from a district called Ribble Valley, just outside Burnley in the UK. So sorry to burst the bubble, but he’s not the Londoner the show makes him out to be – it’s just a good acting accent. You might recognise Lucien from being in Waterloo Road and Grange Hill.

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu – Sylvie

Age: 59

Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Savoir boss Sylvie, was born in April 1963 in Rome in Italy and grew up there. She moved to Paris when she was 16 to pursue drama. Her father is Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu, who is a French-born actor.

Bruno Gouery – Luc

Age: 47

The real life ages of the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix, Bruno Gouery

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Bruno Gouery was born on July 11th 1975. The French actor has appeared in a number of films and has also done the narration for two French documentaries. He has a son, who he posts a few cute pictures with on Instagram.

Samuel Arnold – Julian

Age: 31

Samuel Arnold plays fellow Savoir employee Julian. He is 31 and a French actor and dancer. He was reportedly born and raised in Paris, but moved to London quite recently. He returned to Paris to film the Netflix series.

William Abadie – Antoine

Age: 45

The real life ages of the cast members of Emily in Paris on Netflix, William Abadie

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William Abadie, who plays Antoine in Emily in Paris, is 45 in real life. This means there’s a 14-year age gap between him and the actress who plays Sylvie, who he has an affair with in the show. He was born in France and has become known for roles in series such as Gossip Girl, Sex and The City, Homeland, The O.C., Ugly Betty and now Emily in Paris.

Jean-Christophe Bouvet – Pierre Cadault

Age: 75

You simply couldn’t miss out the icon that is Pierre Cadault. He is played by Jean-Christophe Bouvet, who is 75 in real life. Jean-Christophe Bouvet was born in Paris and is an actor, film director and writer.

Paul Forman – Nicolas de Léon

Age: 28

Paul Forman has joined the season three cast of Emily in Paris as Nicolas de Léon. He’s a 28-year-old British and French actor, and he lives in London. He labels himself as the “Frenchest Englishman”.

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