Let’s be real, the biggest problem with Emily In Paris is Emily Cooper


By now, you’ll have read reviews where Emily In Paris is getting ripped into for being cliche, a bit crap and borderline offensive with its French stereotypes.

But there’s one thing which sticks out in the show like a sore thumb: Emily Cooper. Yes, the pretty, girl-next-door American who turns up in France ready to transform their “socials” and revolutionise the world of PR in Paris. Sorry, but she just isn’t all that.

Emily Cooper actually sucks. Like, she’s not a very nice person, moans a lot and I’m just going to come out and say it – her Instagram is shite. Hun, you can’t just turn up with a beret and think you’ve nailed France.

This show should have focused on the icons that are Julien and Luc In Paris. Or hell, Camille In Paris because she’s an angel. Wait, what about Pierre Cadault In Paris? There were so many options and Netflix got it very wrong. She’s the worst part of Emily In Paris and you can’t change my mind.

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Emily Cooper is the biggest cliche of them all

Yes, the show has (rightly so) be ripped into for its poor representations of French people, but Emily Cooper doesn’t exactly paint American people in the best light either. She swoops in thinking she can save all the archaic minds of Savoir and bring them into the modern world – which of course, only Americans know. It basically says American people are rude, naive and arrogant know-it-alls.

She’s the typical girl-next-door stereotype, a helpless damsel in distress who falls into the arms of a hot man and finds herself in all kinds of sticky situations but manages to worm her way out of it with an “oops”, pretty smile and the help of other people – who in the end get no thanks in return.

She’s a terrible social media manager

All we have to go by is that Emily once worked on a pharmaceuticals campaign, so it’s fair to say she’s pretty inexperienced. Then within the first episode she’s photographing children without their parents’ consent. She also lands this job with… 48 Instagram followers. Even weirdos can get 100 followers easily these days, but you mean to tell me a social media expert has 48? I don’t think she’s qualified at all.

Her Instagrams are quite annoying, and she takes pictures from miles away. Remember when she photographed a cheeseburger from the other side of the room? Or when a PAYING CLIENT, Brookyln the movie star, wanted pictures and Emily stood on the other side of the room where people were literally walking in front of her camera? Yeah, not good.

Emily In Paris, Emily Cooper, Netflix, new, series, show, reviews


She’s a really, really bad friend

In the series, Emily makes two main friends: Mindy and Camille. And cutting to the point, she’s not very nice to them. She might not be actively mean to Mindy, but she still only calls on her when she wants or needs something, and rarely attempts to find out much more about Mindy’s seemingly interesting and dysfunctional family life and back story. She offers her little support, and is quick to put her on the back burner when she meets Camille – and don’t get me started on her relationship with Camille.

Emily In Paris, Emily Cooper, Netflix, new, series, show, reviews

Considering Emily seems to love to take the moral high ground over French people, she treats Camille like absolute shit. She at least twice tells Gabriel they shouldn’t see one another to spare Camille’s feelings, but both times goes back to him and doesn’t give Camille a second thought. Camille literally out of the goodness of her heart took Emily under her wing and helped her out, and how does Emily repay her? *Spoiler alert*, she shags her boyfriend. Nice.


Please see below:

Emily In Paris, Emily Cooper, Netflix, new, series, show, reviews

One of these items on its own, not all together pls

I haven’t seen anyone just do up their top button since 2008

I remember my first party too!!!

This dress was just confusing and a cravat? Who are you trying to fool, Emily?

Overall, Emily Cooper is rude and entitled

Emily constantly uses the excuse that she wants to “bring an American point of view” – but this is just an excuse for her to not learn any French or get involved with the office or how anyone does anything. She expects Sylvia to like her, when she’s given her no reason to and also generally just expects everyone to think she’s wonderful and creative – and when they don’t she’s shocked? Girl, they don’t know you and you’ve stormed in saying everything they do is wrong.

Her rudeness boils down to naivety and her expectation that everyone loves Americans and will instantly accept her way. Luc literally tells her: “You came to Paris, and you don’t speak French — that is arrogant” and she replies: “More ignorant than arrogant.” She admits that she is ignorant. I rest my case.

The final episode being called “Cancel Culture” got my hopes up that Emily was going to be put in her place, but no.

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