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Quiz: Which character from Emily In Paris on Netflix are you?

Tbh, anyone but Emily

Right now, it seems like everyone in the world is talking about Emily In Paris on Netflix. Whether that be slating it for how cliche it is, thirsting over Gabriel or discussing how kinda awful Emily’s fashion choices are. But one thing’s for sure, the characters are all very different, and very fun. So this Emily In Paris character quiz is about to tell you which one of them you are.

Are you cold and stand off-ish but the epitome of class like Sylvie? Or are you the office joker who everyone can’t help but love like Luc? Maybe you’re that perfect mix of funny and kind, but will still tell you if your top is ugly like Julien, or like Mindy and Camille – the best friends everyone needs in life. Or you know, you could actually be like Miss Emily Cooper herself, who really needs no explanation.

Answer the ten simple questions below and find out once and for all.

Find out which character from Emily In Paris on Netflix you are in the quiz below:

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