17 moments that prove Emily In Paris is the dumbest thing on Netflix right now

Within the first 30 seconds she’s jogging in a puffer jacket, so the bar is low

Let’s talk about Emily In Paris. Critics have called it out for being offensive, but it’s still hit the top spot in Netflix’s watch list. There are many questionable moments in Emily In Paris, and there’s no denying it’s the epitome of binge-watch TV.

It’s dumb on so many levels, which it’s probably meant to be. It’s cliche, Emily is annoying, she dresses really badly and please, if she’s a social media marketing expert anyone can be.

Now I know it’s just a show, and don’t get me wrong I was living for how trashy yet bingeable it was. It’s so trash, I can’t wait for season two. I watched all 10 episodes in two days, I love it. But we need to accept that there were just so many moments in Emily In Paris that made it just a bit stupid.

1. First things first, she goes jogging in a huge puffer jacket

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

The bar is set very low as within the first 30 seconds Emily is out jogging in a huge puffer jacket. She’s apparently ran five miles, at what looked like a pretty decent pace, with a full face of makeup, all dressed up and not really broken a sweat. I’m sorry, that’s just not happening. She’d be so red and basically hyperventilating.

2. She moves in, and of course she has a hot neighbour

This never actually happens. How many times at uni or somewhere else have you wished your neighbour would be good looking and you’d have a whirlwind relationship? It’s the biggest cliche there is.

3. She got a job as a social media ‘expert’… with 48 Instagram followers

Even weirdos can get 100 followers easily these days, but you mean to tell me a social media expert has 48? I don’t think she’s qualified at all.

She doesn’t even have the excuse that EmilyInParis was set up as a new account when she got there – because she just changed the name from EmilyCooper. I rest my case.

4. The French stereotypes are just plain offensive

Right okay, it’s been said a lot but are we meant to just sit back and accept that all French people are said to be rude, lazy, misogynistic, smokers who cheat on their significant others and don’t give a damn? Like, this show really makes it look like they all just care about being sexy yet massive dicks.

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

As much as you can back trash TV as being just that and harmless fun, this really is quite lazy and offensive. It’s not even a few subtle hints at stereotypes either, this series just keeps revisiting them and won’t let it go.

5. And to be honest, the American stereotypes aren’t that much better either

Having said all that, there are many moments where Emily In Paris doesn’t really paint American people in the best light either. Emily swoops in thinking she can save all the archaic minds of Savoir and bring them into the modern world – which of course, only Americans know. It basically says American people are rude, naive and arrogant know-it-alls.

6. The entire premise of this show is that Emily has no idea about French culture

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but is this plot line a little…thin? Within the first episode we get it that Emily can’t speak French and has no idea of how the French live, please don’t remind us every 10 minutes.

7. If the Savoir office hate her that much, why did she get her own swanky desk and office space?

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

The new PR girl, who they basically treat like an intern, would be put on a shared desk next to everyone else, and probably tucked away in the corner. Yet here Emily is, with her own separate area in an office space on her own, with a huge desk living life. Alright then?!

8. Why did she not just learn to say ‘I can’t speak French’?

Sorry to spoil the entire show, but when you move to a new country and haven’t learnt the language, you’d just learn to tell people that. Emily would have pretty much avoided every single awkward encounter she had if she just learnt that.

9. Straight up, is Emily meant to be fashionable or?

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

Because like, some of her outfits are just really bad.

10. Emily gained 20k followers with a few annoying selfies and boomerangs… really?

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review


11. When she stood miles away from Brooklyn to get her much needed ‘content’

Right, Emily Cooper promises quality content which brands will pay top money for. She’s meant to get the best pictures and posts for people’s social media yet here she is, at a glitzy event, miles away from the movie star taking pictures as people literally just walk out in front of her. And she’s on her iPhone.

Brooklyn is here:

Yet Emily is here (if you can see here behind all the people):

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

There’s a row of photographers and she’s been chatting with Brooklyn on her own – GET IN THERE PROPERLY GIRL. THIS IS STRESSFUL.

Side note: Why does Emily hold her phone like a mom trying to take a photo???

12. Was it necessary to throw in Emily getting with a 17-year-old?

Let me answer that in short: No.

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

We get it, Emily is this cute girl-next-door type character who can’t help but find herself in awful situations for the benefit of trash TV and easy viewing. But, it just seemed a bit much, and borderline a bit weird, to throw in that she slept with her best friend’s 17-year-old brother. Netflix please, why did you do this?

13. Why does this series focus on Emily and not Luc and Julien?

They are the true heroes of this show. I demand a Luc and Julien spin-off.

14. The Pierre Cadeau scene at Fashion Week was iconic, but just the most unbelievable thing ever

One of the wildest moments in Emily In Paris is the scene where Pierre Cadeau absolutely loses his shit and goes wild at Fashion Week. It was straight up ridiculous. A respectable designer who has spent years in the industry being known as a bit shady and mysterious just wouldn’t act this way, but did anyone else simply love it?

Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

An entire mood.

15. Show me a man who is not after Emily Cooper, I beg

Can we talk about Emily seeming to have every single male character lusting over her? It’s like they’ve never seen an American before and find her absolutely irresistible, when in reality she’s a bit of a hot mess, who can be borderline annoying very often and dresses badly.

Gabriel is willing to lose out on the goddess that is Camille for her, the professor was desperate for her, Camille’s brother slept with her after knowing her for two minutes, this Matthieu guy wants to take her to St Tropez and Antoine would have definitely had an affair with her, given the chance.

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How does she do it?!

16. Emily goes on about not hurting people, but she is lowkey the worst friend ever

One thing that definitely needs addressing is Emily’s complete inability to be a good friend. She keeps going on about not wanting to hurt people and not seeing Gabriel anymore, yet she’s back literally in bed with him.


Emily In Paris, moments, dumb, stupid, Netflix, reviews, best bits, review

Ah shit, here we go again.

17. And of course Antoine is going to invest in Gabriel’s restaurant

That ending. Wow. Obviously Antoine is going to invest in Gabriel’s restaurant because there are literally no other people in Paris and all of these characters are incestually involved with one another.

So… when’s season two?

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