Why is everyone on TikTok using the ‘I’m so lucky lucky’ audio and does it work?

Spoiler alert: probably not x

Right now, TikTok is on a mad one hoping and praying that nothing bad happens to them – particularly a positive covid test – before Christmas. What has happened as a result? A new TikTok trend with the audio that goes “I’m so lucky lucky” born out of none other than pure superstition.

So there’s three sides to this trend: either “I skipped past this sound and then something really bad happened”, the “I’m not taking any chances this needs to work” or “I used this sound and it changed my life”. No pressure or anything.

So what is this all about and where did it come from?

Over 1.2 million videos have used this audio, and the majority are completely chaotic. The sound basically started as a general superstition that if you play and post this sound, then something good will happen in your life. Pretty nice, right?

@ashleysinclaairrwill never skip one again♬ I’m so lucky lucky – ♡

The song itself, “Lucky”, is a remix from the Swedish pop duo known as Lucky Twice. Fitting. The song was released in 2006 and I’m sure it was as annoying then as it is now. People love it though, and you can even find an hour looped version on Youtube.

However, as the Omicron wave continued to grow, this sound basically became a bad omen in the sense that if you didn’t oblige then you would get Covid.

Now even the big TikTokers like Noah Beck and Addison Rae have been doing it, and it seems as though all hope is lost.

@addisonre♬ I’m so lucky lucky – ♡

Retrospectively, it’s pretty easy to blame Covid on a TikTok sound rather than that house party you knew you shouldn’t have gone to. However, one important question remains:

Does the ‘I’m so lucky lucky’ TikTok trend actually work?

Genuinely who knows. Some people absolutely swear by it – for example at times when they were so sure they were screwed before this TikTok miracle sound came to save them.

@peachy.keachy.keandrawow and all i had to do was survive senior fall semester 🤪 ##unboxing ##kraftmacmeskip♬ I’m so lucky lucky – ♡

For others, not so much.

@notmikaylacampinos##fypシ ##secretaccount♬ I’m so lucky lucky – ♡

One thing we do know for sure is that coincidence or not, after playing this TikTok audio, many people’s luck is turning around.

Brb – I’m not taking any chances.

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