It's so bad I want to give you a zero TikTok audio

Here’s where the ‘It’s so bad I want to give you a zero’ viral TikTok audio is from

‘But that’s not possible so I’m giving you a one’

A current trend on TikTok shows people sharing photos of their old phases and lip syncing to an audio which says: “This is so bad I want to give you a zero but that’s not possible so I give you a one.” And it’s actually the funniest thing ever seeing someone go through the same awkward stages of life as the rest of us. For example, one person shared a picture of them going through their “Rawr XD” phase and the photo is of them with the biggest side fringe you’ve ever seen in your life and edgy fishnet gloves – it’s iconic.

But as with every other rogue audio, you’re probably thinking where does it come from? So here’s an explainer on where the ‘It’s so bad I want to give you a zero’ viral TikTok audio originates from and you’re probably not going to be surprised with who is speaking.

So everyone is actually lip syncing to Tyra Banks

The original audio comes from an old episode of America’s Next Top Model and the person’s voice we can hear is none other than Tyra Banks. To be specific it comes from Cycle 21 of the season and episode 5 – it’s when Tyra gave a model the lowest score ever in the show’s history. It was pretty brutal, watch the original clip below:

So now you know where it’s from, the only thing left to do is out people for their weird phases growing up. Here’s a run down of all the best viral videos showing just how cringe people were when they were younger.

1. We’ve all been there, Charli

@charlidamelio ♬ original sound – 💗

2. I can’t say we’ve all been here, though

@sassaronio#greenscreen♬ original sound – 💗

3. ‘I would prefer not to talk about it’

@spencewuahi would prefer not to talk about it #fyp♬ original sound – 💗

4. Screaming at this one

@its.tmariee#greenscreen EW♬ original sound – 💗


@undosSO SCARY 😭♬ original sound – 💗

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